Facebook+CambridgeAnalytica = Facebookery At It’s Finest

via Graham Cluely’s timely security blog, comes the story of Carole Cadwalladr whom, in her day job, is famous for her highly competent reportage at The Guardian. The specific reporting series is here. Detailing not-so-secret fundamental security and privacy flaws; all combined into a porridge with both blatant stupudity and greed as spices, in which, the aforementioned porridge turns out to be a not-so-tasty dish for Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) and Cambridge Analytica (now in receivership)… If you spend any time contemplating the evil that is Facebook, read Carole Cadwalladr’s work and you’ll experience a Silicon Valley revelation (perhaps some avocado toast will calm you down). Today’s Must Read!

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