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With cyberattacks like phishing, malvertising, drive-by downloads, and ransomware delivering constant threats to small and medium-sized businesses, online security has never been a bigger priority.  For IT service providers, providing this level of protection efficiently and profitably can be challenging.

Bob LaCroix, a managed service provider and IT services consultant for more than 20 years, and now owner of Cybereal Technology Solutions in New England, is quite familiar with the hurdles of delivering strong protection to SMBs that have a range of security needs and limited budgets. He shares, “The threat situation today is the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s an entirely different environment right now with phishing attacks and direct attacks on networks and devices becoming almost the norm.  We are a two-person team at Cybereal so the ability to constantly monitor client sites, scale operations, and deliver the best security services is critical especially as the volume and types of threats increase.”

Bob deployed Avast Business CloudCare for his clients in 2014 and has continued to experience the benefits for his clients and his business. Cybereal is one of many MSPs that are finding CloudCare’s multiple features and centralized cloud portal deliver the efficiencies that drive client value and business growth.

Using CloudCare, IT pros can deliver a range of layered, online security services – including antivirus, content filtering, cloud backup, antispam and more – from a single cloud portal.  This makes it faster and easier to deliver comprehensive protection for multiple customers at once, and stay ahead of threats and quickly resolve issues. From CloudCare’s portal, you can not only remotely deliver services but view network status in real-time and identify new services needs — that translates into significant cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Richard Papasian, owner of The Guru in Los Angeles, agrees.  I don’t know of any other vendor with a better administration portal. I can log into CloudCare and manage my AV, content filtering, and all other security services for clients through one pane of glass. I don’t have to touch a system physically to do anything. The interface works really well and everything is managed from the console. It’s phenomenal.”

The utility of CloudCare can’t be beat but at Avast, we’re experts in cybersecurity so we have integrated the highest level of enterprise-grade antivirus right into the product.  Our Antivirus Pro Plus delivers more than 20 features for protecting data, devices, and employees – a full package priced just for small businesses. Each tier of Pro Plus offers strong and innovative protection with the option to secure data as well as identity and the flexibility to add or scale for each client.

“The beauty of CloudCare’s integrated antivirus is having the ability to choose and install exactly what I need for each customer and service plan,” says Bob. “From the central portal, there are dozens of features to choose from and apply to a client’s site. I can completely customize my installations for clients that need a basic level of protection to those that have more critical data needs. The sheer number of options at a such a low price is phenomenal.”

Here’s a closer look at CloudCare’s Antivirus Pro Plus:

Device Protection

  • File, web, email and behavior shields give you four shields of protection against suspicious files and programs, emails, and websites
  • CyberCapture technology detects and analyzes rare, suspicious files in a safe, virtual environment
  • Firewall monitors all network traffic between your PC and the outside world to prevent unauthorized communication
  • Antispam keeps dangerous phishing emails and annoying spam from cluttering and compromising inboxes
  • SmartScan provides an all-in-one scan that detects malware, out-of-date software, performance issues, weak passwords, and more
  • Sandbox isolates suspicious files in a safe, virtualized environment for deeper analysis by you and our Avast Threat Labs
  • WiFi Inspector scans networks for vulnerabilities, checks network, device, and router settings, and identifies threats
  • Real Site protects against DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking to ensure you reach the website you want to visit
  • Rescue Disk enables you to boot up a PC that’s been infected with malware from a USB that contains a clean version of your system
  • Security Browser Extension scans websites for reputation and authenticity, blocks ads, and ensures safe web surfing and banking

Data Protection

  • Software Updater keeps commonly used third-party software up-to-date to eliminate potential security exploits
  • Data Shredder overwrites files multiple times to permanently erase sensitive data making it irretrievable
  • Exchange Server Protection scans and filters emails on the Exchange server level to stop potential attacks before they spread to the network
  • SharePoint Server Protection checks all the files uploaded into your shared storage to ensure no malware can compromise your data

Identity Protection

  • Passwords protects employee login details with a secure master password and includes a browser add-in for easy, secure auto-filling
  • SecureLine VPN encrypts your data and secures your connection when using public Wi-Fi connections
  • Browser Cleanup checks browsers for add-ons with poor reputation and removes cookies that contain personal information

“Using CloudCare, we can deliver enterprise-grade security for small-business budgets,” explains Richard. “We’re solving unique problems, managing complex tasks, and working with mission-critical data to set customers up for success. CloudCare helps us work efficiently and deliver exceptional service.”

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