5 Benefits of Paying for an Employee’s Professional Certification


There are many reasons an employee may want professional certification: personal sense of achievement, an increase in salary or status, promotion, or specialized expertise with a view to career development.

But it’s not just the employee that benefits from professional certification. Employers can profit too, and more than many think they will.

Let’s look at some win-win gains for companies that pay for an employee’s professional certification. Happy employees present a more credible face to clients and are in turn happy to work for a credible organization with a good reputation in the employee’s industry. Increased productivity and boosted morale benefit the organization, its employees and its clients.

Happier Employees

The “need for achievement” refers to an individual’s desire for significant accomplishment, mastering of skills, control or high standards. However, organizations do not always recognize employees who have this need, and when they don’t, employees can become frustrated. It makes sense to identify these strongly-motivated individuals and ensure they receive the challenges and continuing education they need to keep them invested and working hard for you. Consider:

  • Happier employees are more loyal and less likely to look for greener pastures at other companies. That means a reduction in the workload of having to find new employees to replace those that leave, and less time needed to upskill new employees
  • Happier employees are not just more productive in their jobs; their infectious enthusiasm contributes across the board to a global sense of well-being in the company. Resentments, office gossip and ill-will towards management from unhappy employees can spread like wildfire in a company via the canteen or coffee corner and infect other employees
  • Certification builds confidence and enhances motivation, creating happy, positive employees with a can-do, service-oriented attitude, which in turn makes an organization more credible and professional in (Read more...)

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