3 Power User Tips for Google SysAdmins: Go Beyond Backup With Spanning

Not all G Suite Systems administrators are aware of Google’s data protection gaps — but if you’re already a Spanning customer, thankfully you’ve got that covered. However, whether you’re a Spanning Backup customer yet or not, in this blog you will find three power user tips to go beyond backup and help save you time. And if you are a customer, these tips will help you make the most of your Spanning Backup subscription.

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#1 Save IT Team Effort: Empower End Users and Junior Admins

“Spanning Backup really freed up the our time to deliver services at the speed at which the pharmaceutical industry demands. The business started looking at us more strategically because of this, so for us that was a really big win.”- Steve Simmons, Director of IA at AMAG Pharmaceuticals

G Suite sysadmins know the quickest way to lose efficiency is when end users need urgent help. One common use case for those urgent help tickets, such as when an end user accidentally deleted something and cannot get it back. With Spanning Backup for G Suite, end users are enabled to easily self-service their own restores. Your end users won’t need training — an end user self-restore is as easy as accessing the Spanning app from within Gmail, then searching for the item from a given point-in-time and clicking “restore.”

To further improve efficiency, Spanning Backup for G Suite also provides a Help Desk Admin Role, allowing junior admins to assist end users if needed, and enabling HR and legal teams to examine audit logs. All this is purpose-built based on customer input, so your teams can save time and stay focused on more strategic projects.

#2 Adopt Team Drives Without Fear: Protect Team Drives Data

“My favorite feature of Spanning Backup for G Suite is the integration with Team Drives. Super easy to setup, and use. Works great. Love this app.” – Gabe Wahhab, Director of Interactive Services, Square 2 Marketing

Spanning Backup for G Suite not only protects data in Gmail, Drive, Calendars, Contacts and Sites, but it also offers the same enterprise-grade data protection for Team Drives. Typically, organizations that adopt Team Drives do so to ensure their domain “owns” critical files, rather than an individual. Increasingly, adopting Team Drives is seen as a best practice for larger domains — if your organization is evaluating or has adopted Team Drives, watch this quick video to understand how Spanning provides automated backup and robust, quick restores for Team Drives data.

#3 Simplify Employee Management: Using Cross-User Restore for Rapid Onboarding and Offboarding

“One of the features Spanning had that other ones didn’t, was the ability to restore to a different mailbox. That was a key piece for us.” – Jason Assenzo, Sr AD Infra Solutions, Alzheimer’s Association

If your organization has seasonal changes to G Suite users (like many retail firms, construction companies, or schools and universities), Spanning’s cross-user restore speeds user onboarding and offboarding by automating restoring data from one user account into another.

Share Your Power User Tips

Your expertise can help other sysadmins — if you’re a customer, please share the features in Spanning Backup for G Suite that have made your job easier, made you look like a hero, or saved your organization from data loss. Send us an email or review us on the G Suite Marketplace.

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