The Top 15 Must-Have Books in InfoSec

An essential part in building an information security (InfoSec) professionals’ expertise is played by hands-on experience and years of activity. However, a solid theoretical foundation is also essential to acquire the solid knowledge required to keep up with technology and the evolutions of threats and hackers’ modalities. Computer security sourcebooks, handbooks, or technical / reference textbooks are needed both to build up on skills already attained and to stay up to date with the latest trends, security threats, and technologies. There are thousands of books available for purchase to InfoSec professionals; some are suitable for those who want to consolidate their knowledge, and some are for beginners looking to verify their InfoSec experiences, to find his or her niche or fill skills gaps to access new InfoSec job roles.

In this ever-evolving field, technical books can quickly become outdated, and yet InfoSec pros are still relying often on them for clarifications or to discover the techniques, tools, and methodologies used in the trade. In fact, teachings or training cannot match the in-depth, comprehensive details offered by a good InfoSec book, provided true experts in the field author it.

There is a large amount of reading material out there online and in stores or libraries for those in the occupation at any level of IT Security or cybersecurity proficiency. With that in mind, here is a short list compiled in no particular order of 15 must-have books for InfoSec professionals. This selection of books is for intermediate and beginner skill levels and is suitable for those that are preparing for any number of Careers in IT Security. Although some might have been written a few years ago, they are still favorites of many professionals and students.

Security in Computing (5th Edition)

This is a book published in 2015 and authored by (Read more...)

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