The Bright Side of SaaS Backup

We can all use a little good news now and then. And this post is focusing on the bright side of having a third-party SaaS backup in place.  While Spanning Backup is a great tool for protecting against human errors or malicious attacks, organizations that keep a cloud-to-cloud backup enjoy everyday benefits beyond protection for a rainy day.


Business continuity is a key pillar of every modern compliance standard. With the rise in the use of cloud-based applications, business continuity now also requires fast recovery from a data loss event, whether caused by human error, programmatic errors, or malicious activity.

Core education quoteEasy on- and off-boarding

Best-in-class organizations using cloud applications also use cloud-to-cloud backup and restore to enable fast, efficient on- and off-boarding. Whether enabling “restores” of data to get new hires started fast, or preserving critical business data if an employee is let go, cloud-to-cloud backup ensures the integrity of important data.

Faster than a vendor restore

Many SaaS platform or collaboration solution vendors won’t provide rapid restores — and many can’t provide restores for permanently deleted items. Save your time for the strategic items on your to-do list, not on waiting for platform or collaboration vendor support.

Data quality checks

Regular backups give you a way to help identify problems with your data and opportunities to fix them — in advance. Point-in-time backups are particularly useful in seeing what might have changed from one day to the next that could impact your organization’s future plans.

Granular restoration

Don’t waste time attempting to restore whole data sets to an earlier state when all you really need is to  pinpoint and restore the problematic data. Fine-grained restores also reduce the risk of accidentally overwriting good data with bad.

Better than dumpster diving

Digging through deleted items is tedious, and often fruitless, since many platform and collaboration solution vendors purge deleted items after 30 days. In addition, if it’s a parent item that was deleted in error, the related child items may also have been purged, potentially adding days to your recovery.

With Spanning Backup in place, you get your weekends back. And that is good news we can all agree on.

What positive outcomes of having a third-party backup in place would you add to the list?

Sleep Easy with Spanning Backup

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