VPN much? Avast just made VPN easier for Mac users | Avast - Security Boulevard

VPN much? Avast just made VPN easier for Mac users | Avast

Life just got better for Mac users who utilize VPNs.

These days, when online browsing is characterized by an extinct net neutrality, a turbo-charged advertising industry (and an unending supply of “evil genius” cybercriminals!), using a VPN to connect to the internet is essential for safety and security … especially when you travel or use public Wi-Fi.

We’ve just added a useful new feature to our Avast SecureLine VPN for Mac called Optimal Location. Based on your location and device, Optimal Location seeks out the fastest server available to you automatically, making it easier than ever to secure the best VPN connection you can get.

A VPN protects you in two ways: 1) by encrypting your connection (so spying eyes can’t see your data) and 2) by connecting you to the web using a server besides your own (so your actual IP address is hidden). The closer the server is to you, the faster your connection’s response time. If you need to be browsing online from within a certain territory (let’s say to get past geoblocking), you can always manually choose one of the Avast SecureLine servers, located all over the globe. But if you are simply looking for the best-quality connection based on your location, this new feature will be your best friend.

Activating Optimal Location is as easy as tapping a button:

  • In your app, tap the Change Location menu located in the lower part of the main screen
  • Tap Optimal Location
  • Slide the VPN switch to ON
  • The button will turn green and the status will indicate your online privacy is protected

Now you’ll find the fastest and most secure VPN line in a snap. No matter where you are, our algorithms automatically consider every server’s proximity to you and calculate which provides the best performance. We add servers all the time, so this feature will periodically get even faster.  

If you already have Avast SecureLine for Mac, you can begin enjoying Optimal Location immediately. If you have not joined the protected masses behind VPN encryptions, try Avast SecureLine VPN for free today!

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