BGP Management SNAFU Culprit in Amazon Attack?

via Dan Goodin’s typically superlative prose, at Ars Technica, in which, Dan details the issues, titled ‘Suspicious Event Hijacks Amazon Traffic For 2 Hours, Steals Cryptocurrency‘ comes the root cause of the Amazon Route53 debacle. Additionally, a great tell-all piece entitled ‘Another BGP Hijacking Event Highlights the Importance of MANRS and Routing Security‘ (discussing the same issues as Mr. Goodin), via The Internet Society’s Megan Kruse and Aftab Siddiqui is also worthy of note. Fundamentally, the IETF should step up it’s efforts to deal with these issues (and perhaps take MANRS into consideration ASAP. It is important to note that the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is an organized activity of The Internet Society’s, and has been for more that a decade. Both posts are Today’s Must Read.


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