Akamai 2018 Spring Release, In A Nutshell

Progressing Towards Our Future in The Cloud, Together

As organizations continue to fuel and execute on their digital transformation ambitions, they’re increasingly finding significant business agility and cost savings by adopting cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid architectures. Availability, security, and maximization of user experience are the top goals for organizations adopting these architectures.

However, the “availability” promise of your cloud infrastructure may not necessarily extend to promise “accessibility'” of workloads, applications, and data for every single end user, regardless of their device, network, or global location. 

The truth is…you need both!  A cloud infrastructure optimized for high availability combined with a cloud delivery platform optimized for security, high accessibility, and performance. 

Akamai’s comprehensive and integrated intelligent cloud delivery platform has been serving as a crucial foundation for our customers’ growing digital businesses by helping them deliver the amazing digital experiences their end users expect.

So What’s New?

In our effort to continue maximizing the value and competitive differentiation that our customers derive from the Akamai Intelligent Platform, we have been hard at work this year making it even smarter.

And that’s not to mention our dedication to agile development principles and DevOps methodologies. A big chunk of our enhancements this spring is geared towards ensuring that every digital business can quickly integrate Akamai into their existing developer workflows, so they can streamline the deployment and operation of their digital applications.

We are VERY excited to announce these new capability enhancements we’re bringing to our core Cloud Delivery focus areas:


Our goal is to make the daunting task of designing and delivering engaging customer experiences as easy as the flip of a switch.

Now, we present the most sophisticated machine learning and AI-enabled tools to help you find performance bottlenecks and fix them.

Akamai’s suite of Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Adaptive Acceleration Solutions can help you measure the business value of the performance of your web, mobile and API properties, and then prioritize and execute the optimizations. Then, close the loop and ensure the strategy is working by validating the business impact of these optimizations. Our mantra for better performance is greater VISIBILITY for better CONTROL.

Visibility:  Find the performance bottlenecks.

Akamai’s mPulse Real User Monitoring solution improves that visibility by introducing three new critical capabilities:


  • Augmenting the user behavior insights of traditional RUM with Perceived Performance Metrics to understand how the visual rendering and interactivity of your site drives end-user behavior

  • Page Construction Metrics to measure and manage the DOM complexity so you can identify opportunities to reduce the impact of page elements on overall page load times

  • Middle Mile Metrics to enable you to maximize the benefits of the Akamai platform by providing visibility into CDN performance

Control : Fix those performance bottlenecks


  • Powerful 1st and 3rd party Script Management to tailor engaging, personalized content while mitigating any slowdowns or errors

  • Intelligent and adaptive acceleration capabilities such as support for Brotli at origin and improved cellular optimization capabilities to improve user experiences on mobile apps

  • Secure browsing improvements with support for TLS 1.3 and an improved certificate provisioning system

  • New and improved Image Manager solution with 360-degree media viewer integration, artistic image transformations, and dynamic image policies

DevOps Alignment

We are committed to ensuring that our platform works the way they do to support and augment your DevOps agility. We’re now including support for faster, more agile deployments with accelerated propagation times. You now also have the ability to script controls to manage your application on Akamai.


As the market leader in DDoS, web application protection, and bot management, Akamai has some exciting updates this spring.


DDoS Mitigation

  • More robust network and infrastructure DDoS protection solutions with added scrubbing centers and network capacity

  • Added support for GRE larger tunnels and enhanced IPv6 support

 Application Security

  • More intelligent attack detection capabilities with tailored reputational risk scores to identify the threat actors in your industry or geography

Bot Management

  • Improved bot management capabilities with a mobile protection module to help you secure and protect the revenue from mobile apps and APIs

Security Analytics

This spring, we’re bringing you Security Analytics to empower you with superior insight into how your sites, apps, and APIs are being delivered and secured so you can detect, understand, mitigate advanced threats.

Security Analytics is bringing DDoS, application security, and endpoint protection into a single unified set of dashboards and drill-down reports so you can maximize your security posture.

DevSecOps Alignment

To support secure DevOps (or DevSecOps), our web application firewall and bot management capabilities both provide open APIs to support CI/CD integration, seamless integration into automation routines, and real-time operations, as well as a SIEM API to enhance your own security analytics practices.


With cloud and mobility transformations, apps are moving to the cloud, while your users (employees, partners, vendors) are moving outside the traditional enterprise perimeter. This means traditional perimeter security models are increasingly becoming archaic.

This spring, Akamai is helping you move beyond perimeter security and evolve toward a zero trust architecture.

  • Akamai provides solutions for securely accessing enterprise applications and protecting your enterprise from phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.   

  • With so many data exfiltration attacks and breaches in the news today, Akamai is committed to partnering with you on your journey toward a more secure enterprise. You can leverage our comprehensive guide and 8-step roadmap to Zero Trust, as well as a reference architecture, to help you apply these principles to your environment.

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