Welcome to the EH-Net Relaunch

EH-Net Relaunch - Blue Origin RocketWelcome to the EH-Net Relaunch

The Ethical Hacker Network was always designed as an online magazine combined with community forums. Although a magazine without a print edition was considered lunacy over a decade ago, so was the idea of a community dedicated to advancing hacking as a legitimate career. You couldn’t even say ‘hacking’ in professional circles and be taken seriously. Now both are accepted norms. But even our crazy ideas get old, and we need to get with the times. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. It is with great excitement that I can humbly say, “Welcome to the EH-Net Relaunch!” Let me give you a tour of the place.

We’re still a magazine and we’re still a community, but everything is expanded. It’s much more like new construction than just a simple remodel, yet all of the classic furnishings have made the trip into our new home. So all of the old articles are live, and joining us are a slew of new columnists and guest writers (see list below). We’re also adding not one but 2 regular monthly EH-Net TV events, EH-Net Live! and the EH-Net Biz Brief. And all of the old forums are back (see below for a gift for old EH-Netters), but the new community doesn’t stop there. We now have expanded profiles, personal activity streams, messaging, friends, public and private groups and all EH-Netters can submit articles. But best of all is that everything works in a single, integrated user experience.

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EH-Net Magazine

The Magazine side of the house contains articles that have gone through an editing process. It includes not only the writings and video submissions of our regular columnists (some monthly, some quarterly), but it also includes guest writers made up of industry veteran and those up-and-comers with obvious talent (Read more...)

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