Fortinet Highlights Agile Security at Mobile World Congress

With Fortinet’s first-ever appearance at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) coming up in late February, we’re getting quite excited about the solutions we’ll be showing in our booth and the tutorial presentations we have scheduled over the four days of the event. Given the strengths and adaptability of the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture, we’ll have plenty to talk about when it comes to applying Fortinet technologies, products, and solutions to the task of building security into the next generations of mobile and managed security services provider (MSSP) infrastructures.

Three Fortinet Stories at Mobile World Congress

The Fortinet story will be framed around three topics at the event:

  • Agile Security. Security for empowering the global digital transformation of communication service providers (CSPs) and their customers, showcasing Fortinet’s solutions and capabilities in agile, automated, and self-provisioned service environments.
  • Advanced Security. Focusing on building in security as a standard and expected attribute of industrial, operational, and Internet-of-Things environments.
  • Mobile Security and Managed Security Services. The challenges and solutions in delivering security-as-a-service (SECaaS) within 4G and 5G networks and as a managed security services (MSS) delivery infrastructure.

In this blog post, I’d like to zero in on what we’re planning around the Agile Security theme. In two subsequent blog posts, I’ll expand on our Advanced Security and Mobile Security-Managed Security Services themes.

Agile Security for the Global Digital Transformation

Agile Security is critical in addressing the security needs, challenges, and solutions of communications service providers in a world where digital transformation is changing the way internal and external services are architected, implemented, delivered, and consumed. From physical to hybrid and virtual, from on-premise to the cloud, from the core to the edge of the network, from manual to zero-touch provisioning, from CSP to customer self-management, these changes are profound, and security must be transparently integrated into these new environments right from the start.

For MWC, we’ve set up an Agile Security Zone in the Fortinet booth with the tagline, “Securing Digital Transformation. For You and Your Customers.” The blunt reality is that we’re witnessing a wholesale transformation of the economy, public services, and social relationships. In other words, the MWC’s scope has expanded far beyond cell phones and related devices. The mobilization of digital technologies is becoming a primary vehicle for the digital transformation megatrend.

In the Fortinet booth (Hall 7, Stand 91), the Agile Security Zone will offer visitors an opportunity to talk to Fortinet technologists and thought leaders serving on the front lines of developing and delivering our Agile Security product and services portfolio for CSP environments. We’ll also be demonstrating:

  • A zero-touch security deployment that enables customer-self service via an ETSI-based Network Function Virtualization (NFV) environment, jointly delivered with Ubique, a Fortinet technology partner.
  • A secure SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) solution.
  • A TOSCA-based (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications) security Orchestration solution jointly delivered with Cloudify, a Fortinet technology partner.

We’ll also be delivering two Agile Security-themed presentations in the presentations space built into our booth environment. These map directly to capabilities we’ll be demonstrating in the Agile Security Zone:

The Benefits of TOSCA-Based Security Orchestration

Synopsis: In the NFV framework, security solutions are part of a larger ecosystem to safely deliver agility and automation in communications service provider networks as well as in service delivery to their customers. This presentation will provide an overview on orchestrating security services via a TOSCA-based orchestration, and on the use of blueprints for rapid design and deployment of cloud-based security services.

Providing Secure SD-WAN

Synopsis: With the accelerated growth of multi-cloud enterprise environments, SD-WAN provides mechanisms for agile and efficient WAN usage. But SD-WAN alone is an incomplete service that needs to evolve to Secure SD-WAN, combining connectivity efficiency, agility, and security into an integrated offering. This presentation will provide an overview of Fortinet’s solution as a platform for delivering a Secure SD-WAN service.

These presentations will take place once daily over the four main days of MWC, February 26, 27, 28 and March 1, in the Fortinet Booth located in Hall 7, Stand 91 at the Congress.

For full details on Fortinet’s appearance at the 2018 Mobile World Congress, visit our web page dedicated to this subject. You can also use this site to review our presentation schedule and set up meetings with Fortinet representatives. The Mobile World Congress website contains, of course, official information on the event itself.

Needless to say, we look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!


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