Doing Identity Access Right

Caring for your company data as one of your most valuable assets can seem like a constant balancing act. In a world of corporate hacks and ransomware, keeping your data under digital lock and key is absolutely essential. But so is allowing your employees to use it to do their best work. Managing who has access—not to mention the what, where, why and how—is an issue of identity access.

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Here at Core Security, our mission is to help customers succeed in a world that demands open access but is also subject to increasing threats. We want to make sure that only the right people have the right access, to the right resources, and that they’re doing the right things with them. With these goals in mind, the essential questions of identity access facing every organization become clear: How can we assess threats and gauge the risk faced from both internal and external forces? And how do we actively plan ahead with processes to help detect, identify, and manage the risk?

In this e-book you will explore the following topics:

  • The stresses and strains of access and the three most common access risks
  • What is Identity Governance and Administration and how it actually looks in practice?
  • How IGA combats the top three risks in business and infrastructure changes
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