Martin Steiger

Response to false statements on surveillance made by Martin Steiger

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Earlier today, a Swiss lawyer named Martin Steiger published a factually incorrect article about ProtonMail on his blog, alleging, among other things, that “ProtonMail voluntarily offers assistance for real-time surveillance.” Martin Steiger’s claim is factually incorrect, and Mr. Steiger is also aware that this claim is false. Not only have ... Read More

ProtonMail SSL certificates and DarkMatter

Earlier today claims appeared that ProtonMail is compromised because of an alleged connection between our SSL certificates and DarkMatter, a shadowy cybersecurity company. These allegations are false, as we will explain. Earlier today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reported that the Emirati cybersecurity firm DarkMatter had applied to become a top-level ... Read More

A cybersecurity guide for small businesses

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Every small business faces unique difficulties in securing its data. This guide will help you determine your threat model and take the steps necessary to protect your company. The Internet allows businesses of any size to work and reach markets around the world. Unfortunately, this potential for increased productivity and ... Read More
Is ProtonMail lying about their encryption?  In response to Nadim Kobeissi and LiveOverflow

Response to analysis of ProtonMail’s cryptographic architecture

| | security
Recently, a self-published paper that was not peer reviewed claimed weaknesses in ProtonMail’s cryptographic architecture. The document is rather dense, and the casual reader is unlikely to be able to understand much beyond the alarming conclusion that there are allegedly “serious shortcomings in ProtonMail’s cryptographic architecture.” Below, we analyze these ... Read More
ProtonMail Lifetime Account charity auction raises over €30,000

ProtonMail Lifetime Account charity auction raises over €30,000

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Our first-ever charity auction has exceeded all expectations, generating over €30,000 for three organizations dedicated to human rights and online privacy. When we launched our Lifetime Account auction earlier this month, we expected to raise around €3500-5000 from each sale. But when bidding closed today, each auction had far surpassed ... Read More

Don’t fall for Black Friday email scams

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It’s Thanksgiving in America, which means you’re getting a barrage of Black Friday emails promoting discounts on your holiday shopping. Here are the email scams to watch out for. You’ve heard the one about the Nigerian prince and the lottery windfall (we just need your bank account and social security ... Read More