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DevOps Chat: Data Protection in the Cloud, With Druva

As any CIO knows, a data management architecture is essential to caring for one of the organization’s most valuable assets: data. Data management sounds simple but it’s not. Backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data retention, governance, e-discovery … all are parts of any effective data protection strategy. As businesses move ... Read More
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DevOps Chat: Decrypting Next Gen TLS, With Nubeva

With claims of internet traffic encryption levels at 95% and cloud communications up to 100%, it’s increasingly difficult to see malicious activities happening on our networks. Encryption is a good thing, of course, until it hides nefarious network traffic and payloads. Then we want to know about it, be able ... Read More
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DevOps Chat: Interactive App Testing, With Synopsys

As the velocity of software creation, testing and deployment increases rapidly, security at the app level is gaining ever more scrutiny. Code vulnerability scanners, automated security test tools and test libraries for containers are just a few of the security testing approaches broadly in use. Many of these approaches fall ... Read More
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DevOps Chat: Device Identity at the Speed of DevOps, With Venafi

DevOps and Agile are all about making software cycles short and dynamic, empowering development teams to rapidly iterate, leveraging tools with fewer burdens and reliance on outside organizations. It’s the dev + ops combination that is so powerful. But what about security, specifically the identity of physical and virtual devices, ... Read More
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DevOps Chat: A CISO’s Quest for Better Security, With Altitude Networks

Michael Coates is on a mission, a journey, an unassailable quest. You don’t come away from senior security leadership roles at Twitter and Mozilla without some real-world lessons of how to improve cybersecurity. Those lessons inspired our guest Michael Coates, former Twitter CISO, to co-found his new startup, Altitude Networks ... Read More
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DevOps Chat Podcast: $2M DARPA Award Sparks Behavior Testing with ForAllSecure’s Mayhem Solution

Secure software depends on people finding vulnerabilities and deploying fixes before they are exploited in the wild. This has led to a world of security researchers and bug bounties directed at finding new vulnerabilities ... Read More
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DevOps Chat: SOTI Report With Akamai’s Martin McKeay

Akamai recently released its latest State of the Internet (SOTI) report, focusing on the financial sector. This SOTI edition, titled “Financial Services Attack Economy,” highlights the vast array of cyberattacks targeted at the financial systems ecosystem over the past 18 months. In this DevOps Chat, Martin McKeay, a cybersecurity veteran, ... Read More
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DevOps Chat: Cloud-Native AppSec, with Manicode Security

DevOps Chat: Cloud-Native AppSec, with Manicode Security

RSA Asia Pacific & Japan Conference 2019 in Singapore promises exciting and engaging sessions. A likely popular and possibly controversial talk will be “The Future of AppSec is Cloud Native.” Co-presented by Jimmy Mesta, CEO and co-founder of KSOC and CTO at Manicode Security, and Jim Manico, founder and trainer ... Read More
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