Public-Private Partnership Takes Down Cybercriminals

How SASE Can Stop Cyberattackers in Their Tracks

SASE is emerging as a way to defeat cybercriminals by preventing malware from accessing the corporate network Organized crime and criminal groups are increasing the pressure on enterprises in the form of ...
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How the Coronavirus Lockdown Is Changing the VPN Landscape

The coronavirus crisis has wrought many changes, not the least of which are happening in the world of business. With much of the world under shelter in place quarantines, the number of ...
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Planning a Secure Transition From WFH to the Office

Organizations need to safely return devices and transition people back into the workplace post-COVID-19. What does that mean? As of this writing, all 50 states have allowed some sort of re-opening efforts ...
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TechStrong Con

Tech Rules. Let’s Celebrate – TechStrong Con

Celebrating the critical role technology plays in helping us all get through this pandemic and beyond On March 17, I was supposed to be marching up Fifth Avenue in the annual New ...
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Enable Secure Dynamic Network Access With SASE

SASE replaces broad network access with granular, identity-based access to important IT resources The shift in workforce dynamics continues to be one of the most challenging and exciting areas of IT infrastructure ...
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Thousand Talents Program

DoJ Continues to Target China’s Thousand Talents Program in U.S.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) continues to use every arrow in its prosecutorial quiver to go after those participants who are exposing and sharing U.S. research and technologies to China via ...
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Is eBay Port Scanning Your PC? (Probably)

Using eBay causes your Windows PC’s ports to be scanned—personal data gets silently sent back to the mothership ...
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Akamai JavaScript

Akamai Tool Detects Suspicious JavaScript Code

Akamai today launched Page Integrity Manager, an in-browser threat detection capability that discovers compromised instances of JavaScript running on a client. Patrick Sullivan, CTO for security strategy at Akamai, said this type ...
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Exabeam Extends Security Reach to Multiple Cloud Services

Exabeam has added support for more than 40 cloud services, including Zoom, to its security information event management (SIEM) platform also accessed via the cloud. At the same time, Exabeam has released ...
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Cyberstress: How Technology Is Changing Our Brains

The internet has become an extension of our brains. Perhaps not surprisingly, this presents at least a couple of different problems. One of those is digital amnesia: the idea that we rely ...
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