Detecting macOS High Sierra root account without authentication

Yesterday, Tenable™ released two plugins to detect macOS High Sierra installs which allow a local user to login as root without a password after several login attempts. Both plugins require authentication, however, there was one scenario where a user could log in over VNC protocol with the root account and no password if screen sharing was enabled. Today, we are releasing a plugin to remotely detect the vulnerability without authentication. Confirming the Vulnerability One of my colleagues initially reported that exploitation was possible remotely over VNC after trying against his personal laptop. To confirm the report, I fired up tightVNC (an open source VPN server/client) and tried to exploit the issue on an lab box with “Screen Sharing” enabled (see screenshot below). I ran into a problem were tightVNC couldn't connect to OSX (more on this later). I then tried another VNC client, realVNC, and was able to successfully exploit the issue. After two attempted logins with root and a blank password, the VNC client drops you to a desktop on the remote host, as root. Now it’s time to look into the VNC protocol, and figure out how we can write a remote check for this!
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