2021 Predictions: Cyber Risk, Global Attacks, and Regulatory Change

2020 came with a lot of unforeseen circumstances. There was a giant uptick in cyber threats in the digital landscape as the COVID-19 pandemic surged on. Proceeding into 2021, we will begin to see the result of the transformative year that 2020 has been. We will dive deeper into these ... Read More

How IRM is Accelerating Digital Transformation in Insurance

The way the insurance industry has operated has changed dramatically in recent years. With the rise of insurtech startups and digitalization using emerging technologies to bridge the gap between corporations and consumers, Integrated Risk Management (IRM) has provided valuable oversight on where to focus. Digital innovation like artificial intelligence, machine ... Read More

Top 3 Risks Facing Manufacturers in the Age of Digital Transformation (and How You Can Mitigate Them)

As industries continue to embrace digital transformation, the manufacturing industry has lagged in terms of digitalization. As manufacturers have begun to embrace digitalization strategies, we have seen a massive shift towards data protection, industry 4.0, and ‘smart factories.’ For manufacturing companies, undergoing a digital transformation will look different for each ... Read More