Infographic: The CIS Top 20 Controls Explained

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a non profit organization responsible for developing best practices for internet security. The frameworks set forth by CIS affect everybody from people to organizations and governments, and is done in an effort to create safe, reliable standards of protection for IT systems and ... Read More

Achieving SOX Cybersecurity Compliance Using NIST Controls

| | Financial Services
In 2002, massive developments in regulation among the financial industry were developed to set a standard for financial practices and corporate governance. This legislation was developed by Senator Paul Sarbanes and representative Michael Oxley and was respectively named Sarbanes Oxley after the two creators and shortened to SOX. This compliance ... Read More

Critical Capabilities of IT Risk Management Tools

Risk management is rapidly becoming the foundation of organizational security efforts, replacing checklist compliance as a cornerstone of a successful security program. This shift has come from the unique configuration of technologies specific to a given organization that industry or geographic regulations were not designed to accommodate. The shift to ... Read More