Securing Payment Card Transactions

Securing Payment Card Transactions

In the last few years, India has witnessed a significant uptick in credit and debit card payments. As per India’s banking regulator Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) data, both debit card and credit card transactions at Point of Sale (PoS) terminals have risen over 27% in March 2019 compared to ... Read More
Machine Identity

Securing Machine Identities In The Digital Transformation Era

With Internet of Things(IoT) usage rapidly growing and there being an increased number of devices that are interconnected, the immediate need for all organizations is to ensure identity and authenticity of these devices or applications within its infrastructure that are communicating with each other.This is where understanding 'machine identity' and ... Read More
Data Protection on Demand Helps Orgs with Cloud HSM, Encryption & Key Management, Finds Test

Data Protection on Demand Helps Orgs with Cloud HSM, Encryption & Key Management, Finds Test

Data protection is more challenging now than it ever has been. The emergence of virtualization and cloud services, for instance, has made it difficult for organizations to uniformly safeguard their information across their IT environments. At the same time, companies must contend with advanced threats that continue to grow in ... Read More
Using Encryption Key Management to Navigate the Digital Cloud Transformation

Using Encryption Key Management to Navigate the Digital Cloud Transformation

Many organizations are undergoing a digital cloud transformation in which they’re moving their computing resources from on-premises data centers to the cloud. Most have a blend in what’s known as a hybrid environment. Embracing such a model allows organizations to keep hard-to-move core applications in the data center and also ... Read More

Breached Records More Than Doubled in H1 2018, Reveals Breach Level Index

Gemalto has analyzed the Breach Level Index observations during the first half of 2018. Its findings are truly staggering. In just six months, the system tracked more than 4.5 billion breached data files. This figure represents a 133 percent increase over H1 2017, and it’s more than double the amount ... Read More

Securing the Enterprise at the IoT Solutions World Congress

Is your organization one of the many organizations that are embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) as part of their digital transformation? If so, and you're attending IoT Solutions World Congress, come visit booth #133 and learn how Gemalto's products integrate together with KeyScaler ... Read More
Gitex Cyberhero VR

Data Protection Compliance to Take Center Stage at GITEX 2018

Gemalto is committed to helping Middle Eastern and African companies meet their compliance requirements, which is why it will be in attendance at GITEX 2018 between October 13 and October 17 at the Dubai World Trade Center. Stop by stand SR-G5 in Sheikh Rashid Hall, to learn how Gemalto’s SafeNet ... Read More

OCSI Certifies SafeNet Luna PCIe Cryptographic Module for Use as QSigCD and QSealCD

The Italian Organismo di Certificazione della Sicurezza Informatica (OCSI) certified the SafeNet Luna PCIe Cryptographic Module 6.10.9 when embedded within a SafeNet Luna Network HSM 6 “SafeNet Luna HSM 6” for use as a Qualified Electronic Signature Creation Device (QSigCD) and a Qualified Electronic Seal Creation Device (QSealCD) ... Read More
Access Management Matrix

Considering Access Management – PART #2

When looking at IAM solutions it is important to consider WHO needs to validated and WHAT needs to have access controls around it. The most comprehensive IAM solutions that are offered help organizations manage all of their applications and enforced strong authentication where needed under appropriate access policies. The post ... Read More
Access Management

Why You Should Consider Access Management – PART #1

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When considering an Access Management solution organizations should ask themselves WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW in order to ensure they are picking the right solution. This series informed by conversations with IT professionals provides insights on how to select an IAM solution that goes beyond a basic SSO ... Read More