2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report: Where IT Security Is Going

2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report: Where IT Security Is Going

Increased investment in the cloud, adoption of application containers, increased reliance on mobile devices, and the damaging effects of ransomware are all examples of recent trends that keep IT security professionals on their toes ... Read More

Cloud Migration Checklist for Application and Data Security

In the final post of our series on cloud migration, we’ve put together a list of strategic and immediate considerations as you plan to migrate your business to the cloud. From a high-altitude viewpoint, cloud security is based on a model of “shared responsibility” in which the concern for security ... Read More

Cloud Migration: Technical and Business Considerations

If you’re like many businesses, you’re moving applications into public and private cloud infrastructures. You’ve seen how the cloud’s agility, resiliency, and scalability drives business growth. Fortunately, rolling out new apps in the cloud is easy when you have containers, microservices, and DevOps supporting your efforts. But what’s not always ... Read More

Five Cloud Migration Strategies for Applications

Regardless of your current IT environment or your vision for migrating to the cloud, numerous strategies exist that can accommodate your cloud-migration approach. Fortunately, this range of options allows you to proceed with caution while making progress toward your ultimate objective. Always keep in mind that transitioning to the cloud ... Read More
comparison of shared responsibility

Cloud Migration Fundamentals

The advantages offered by a cloud-based environment make it an easy decision for most companies to make. Still, there are numerous critical choices to be made that can transform the complexities of the migration process into a relatively smooth transition—especially regarding application and data security. This article describes the options ... Read More