Figure 1 – Monero’s value in USD from December 2018 to June 2019, source -

Cryptojacking: An Unwanted Guest

We analyse a cryptojacking attack that mines the Monero cryptocurrency. The value of Monero in US dollars has more than doubled over the first half of 2019, from $46 to $98. The ...

Masscan and massive address lists

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I saw this go by on my Twitter feed. I thought I'd blog on how masscan solves the same problem.If you do @nmap scanning with big exclusion lists, things are about to ...
Masscan as a lesson in TCP/IP

Masscan as a lesson in TCP/IP

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When learning TCP/IP it may be helpful to look at the masscan port scanning program, because it contains its own network stack. This concept, "contains its own network stack", is so unusual ...