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ThreatX: Great Place to work-certified!

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I am thrilled to announce that ThreatX was recently recognized as a Great Place to Work-certified company for 2021! This recognition only affirms what we already know: Our team has developed an ...
One Stop Shop

One stop shop

One of my favorite activities as CEO of ThreatX is participating in meetings with prospects that have a legacy WAF already installed. In most cases, these discussions involve learning about a legacy ...
Credential Stuffing Blend Hammer-nails

If all you have is a hammer…

...Everything looks like a nail. There are over a five billion unique user credentials currently circulating on darknet forums. No wonder credential stuffing/brute force attacks are on the rise and remain one ...
NPS score

2020 Net Promoter Score (NPS) Improves

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We recently surveyed our customers to determine our 2020 NPS (net promoter score). As you may know, this metric calculates how likely a customer is to recommend a company or product. It’s a ...

Protect your Users from Friendly Fire in the War on Bots

In a world where malicious bots roam the internet like hungry lions seeking vulnerable applications to devour, application owners are forced to make tough decisions between streamlined, user-friendly workflows and the need ...
DDOS blog

DDOS attacks and the 2020 election

| | Threat Intelligence
Ed Amoroso, Chief Executive Officer of TAG Cyber LLC, a global cyber security advisory, training, consulting, and media services company, recently published a great article on the potential for DDOS attacks to disrupt ...

Prune the Sprawl. Get Better AppSec.

“We are all just prisoners here of our own device.” --The Eagles   “Help me get rid of some of this stuff, or I’m gonna f’n lose it.”--Anonymous CISO  I’m going to go out on a very sturdy ...
Credential Stuffing

Haven’t you had your fill of credential stuffing?

Credential stuffing attacks are some of the most common bot-based threats facing applications today. Virtually any site or application with a login page is a potential target for credential stuffing. In this ...

The Many Faces of Bad Bots

Bad bots and malicious automation are one of the few technology challenges that can materially impact on every business team inside an organization. With up to 50% of Internet traffic generated by bots, ...