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Friction-Free Experience vs. Secure Access: Lessons From the “Zoombombing” Fallout

The controversy and fallout resulting from the widespread reporting of bad actors gaining access to Zoom meetings is just another example of the constant struggle faced by developers and designers of how ...
hackers advancing

Are hackers changing up their techniques as cybersecurity advances?

Hackers often don't need to hack, they go right through the front door by exploiting the basics of access. As cybersecurity evolves, so do hackers. Here’s the reality. Malicious actors don’t need ...
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“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Artificial Intelligence (And The Clash) has the Answer to Your Employee Access Dilemma.

Take a lesson from The Clash’s hit song and make “If I go there will be trouble, and if I stay it will be double,” your mantra when it comes to managing ...
Securing the Remote Workforce: MFA for VPN

Remote Work Resource Center

In a time of crisis, we give thanks and gather resources. The global health crisis that is gripping us all is certainly reminding the Idaptive team of everything we have to be ...
Work from home

Idaptive is Rising to a New Challenge

Idaptive is rising to the challenges presented by COVID 19 while ensuring employees retain the sense of belonging that is so integral to our culture. Unprecedented times like the current COVID 19 ...
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True Passwordless? Show me…

Passwordless is more than a buzzword. Idaptive has been granted a key patent in Passwordless technology by the United States Patent Office: Zero sign-on using a web browser. Passwordless is a major ...
desktop MFA

Why Desktop MFA is Essential to your Endpoint Security

When you are thinking of enforcing MFA on your critical SaaS and on-premise resources, do not forget about logins to your employee laptops and desktops. An employee’s work laptop is a treasure ...
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Simple Rules for Implementing VPN for the Remote Workforce

When implementing VPN for your new remote workforce, it is critically important to ensure that users logging on to the VPN are verified to a high degree of assurance, devices are validated ...
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Everybody Work From Home – Idaptive is Ready to Help

Idaptive is offering free, no-obligation use of SSO and MFA solutions to help companies secure their new remote workforce. In response to the unprecedented increase of remote and work-from-home workers, we are ...
organization policies and data breaches

Is there a relationship between organization policies and data breaches?

There is a strong correlation between organization policies and data breaches. Here we consider the three most common causes and how corresponding organization policies, if well-implemented, can reduce the attack surface and ...