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From Monolithic to Modern: The Imperative for Flexible Web App and API Protection Everywhere

Seismic shifts in software development are driving the need for a new breed of flexible security solutions. Legacy web application firewalls (WAF) predate the growth of cloud-native apps and daily release cycles. Modern applications require scalable security, meaning effective defenses that operate where applications are deployed. A comprehensive web app and API protection (WAAP) platform..
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Pentest as a Service Impact Report 2020

The goal of this study by Rain Capital’s Dr. Chenxi Wang is to understand the specific benefits and challenges of deploying a Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) solution in a modern software development environment, as well as to compare the SaaS model with traditional, legacy pentest services. The report also examines the impact of DevOps on the adoption..
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Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI): See What Adversaries See and Stop Them in KNOW Time (Resolution Brief)

Threat and Attack Surface Intelligence from Netenrich addresses the major reasons attacks still succeed:  Fast-growing digital footprint Threat actors see things you don’t Skills gaps and shortages Fast-changing threat landscape Find out how you can continuously shrink your attack surface, act on critical threats and stay “in the KNOW” as threats evolve—in a fraction of the..
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