Trust at Scale: 2019 Trust Report in Practice

With the quickening pace of cyber incidents, software delivery, and security alerts – and with limited resources – CISOs’ biggest focus on 2020 needs to be scale.

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The latest addition to the Trust Report series, Trust in Practice, shares new data on how the most secure organizations are using a combination of human intelligence (HI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to build trust and scale their security testing more effectively and efficiently. This report explores how you as a security leader can:

  • Scale and optimize your security practices to make them 40% more efficient,
  • Free up critical researcher time and allow them to cover an attack surface 20x more efficiently,
  • Reduce human evaluation time up to 73% by augmenting your team with AI,
  • Increase the ROI on your security testing 4x by utilizing artificial intelligence to augment human intelligence.
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