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ZenRAT Targets Windows Users with Fake Bitwarden Site

Hackers are using a bogus download page for Bitwarden’s password manager solution to target Windows users with a new remote access trojan (RAT) that’s designed to steal credentials and a range of ...
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Sysdig Adds Ability to Detect Threats in Real-Time to CNAPP

Sysdig extended its CNAPP to include a Cloud Attack Graph capability to visually track attack paths in real-time ...
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passwordless Future Without Passwords

Microsoft Brings Passkey Support to Windows 11

Microsoft, long a proponent of doing away with passwords for authentication, is now supporting passkeys in the latest update to the Windows 11 operating system. The IT giant last year joined Google, ...
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Is Your Physical Security Technology Stack Enterprise-Ready?

In modern physical security operations, IP-based devices have become the norm, effectively replacing the analog systems of yesteryear. These digital systems and devices are generally regarded as superior to their predecessors, offering ...
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Malicious Actors Exploiting AI Chatbot Jailbreaking Tips

Cybercriminals are sharing trade secrets online to help others jailbreak AI chatbots like ChatGPT ...
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Xenomorph Android Banking Trojan Makes Landfall in US

A sophisticated Android banking trojan that was first seen last year targeting banking apps in several European countries has made its way across the Atlantic Ocean, looking to steal credentials and money ...
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Sony PlayStation 2 detail, showing the RESET button

‘All of Sony’ Hacked, Claims Group

Hackers Play in Sony’s World: If true, Sony might have to push the RESET button (again) ...
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Orca Security attacks incident response security MDR Incident Response Plan

Building Your Incident Response Team

When the inevitable breach happens, an incident response team is a key asset. Here’s how to build one ...
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Microsoft AI Researchers Exposed 38TB Private Info

The rush to embrace AI has increased the potential for security problems. Microsoft is just the latest example ...
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Data Breaches from MOVEit Zero-Day Still Piling Up

| | CL0P, Cybersecurity, MOVEit, Ransomware
Cybercrime groups exploiting the zero-day flaw in the MOVEit managed file transfer software linked to the Cl0p ransomware gang continue to rack up victims, with the National Student Clearinghouse non-profit group and ...
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