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Apple’s Insecure iPhone Lets NSO Hack Journalists (Again)

Yet another zero-day bug in iOS has allowed notorious spyware vendor NSO Group to break into the iPhones of journalists and activists ...
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threats attacks virtual appliances

Rising Threats Target Cloud Providers, Virtual Infrastructure

A growing number of cybercriminals are developing malware to conduct attacks on virtualized environments, and some are aggressively trying to exploit vulnerabilities already found in software for deploying virtual infrastructure, according to ...
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a leaking cookie

Apple Safari Leaks Cookies, so ‘Russia-Backed’ Hackers Attack Targets

Apple’s under fire yet again for iOS security bugs in WebKit—the code behind the Safari browser ...
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Bitglass Security Spotlight: Kaseya Ransomware Attack Aftermaths and More Post-Ransomware Data Breaches

Here are the top security stories from recent weeks:  Kaseya Patches Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Used in Supply Chain Ransomware Attack Attackers Use Kaseya Ransomware Attack to Spread Cobalt Strike Backdoor in Fake Security ...
file systems storage Zerologon

Disrupting Ransomware with Advanced File System Techniques

Technology is becoming more effective at early ransomware detection. Solutions can often automatically shut down attacks and minimize the damage. It is reasonable to conclude, however, that there is no truly impenetrable ...
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Barbary Buran

Barbary Pirates and Russian Cybercrime

In 1801, the United States had a small Navy. Thomas Jefferson deployed almost half that Navy—three frigates and a schooner—to the Barbary Coast of northern Africa. The Barbary States had been the ...
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REvil ransomware Kaseya

Where Did REvil Ransomware Go? Will it Be Back?

Speculation swirled over why the prolific and dangerous REvil ransomware went offline – blog, payment processing, all suddenly went kaput – it’s important not to lose sight of the bigger issues. While ...
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vulnerabilities eBay cyberstalking

Despite Pen Testing Efforts, Stubborn Vulnerabilities Persist

For those security professionals who work to mitigate enterprise software vulnerabilities, it may often seem like Groundhog Day—patching and mitigating the same types of vulnerabilities over and over again. As a just-released ...
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cybersecurity culture

How to Build a Cybersecurity Culture

Are you tired of seeing your papier-mâché network defenses torn to shreds? Do you wish you could fake your way through yet another audit, but fear being exposed by a data leak? ...
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