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Leveraging Wargaming Principles for Cyberdefense Exercises

Wargames are an excellent way to ensure your cyberdefense plans are solid and your processes are current ...
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Cyberattacks Increasingly Target APIs

| | APIs, AppSec, cyberattacks, Traceable
Nearly three-quarters of organizations suffered three or more breaches involving APIs in past two years ...
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[AWS + D3 Smart SOAR] Unlocking Advanced Security Automation

Automated Incident Response with AWS and Smart SOAR

D3 Smart SOAR offers 12 out-of-the-box integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS) products. These include: AWS CloudTrail AWS CloudWatch AWS EC2 AWS ECS AWS EKS AWS S3 AWS SQS AWS SSM AWS ...
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Report Surfaces Root Causes of Cloud Security Issues

Palo Alto Networks found that half of the critical exposures discovered in cloud computing environments can be traced back to recently added or updated cloud services ...
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Battling Cybercrime by Combining ASM With CTI

Organizations are increasingly turning to attack surface management (ASM) and cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) as essential components of their cybersecurity programs ...
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The classic sign: “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” all lit up in neon

What Happens in Vegas: MGM Resorts ‘Ransomware’ Attack

You’re welcome to it. Not happening in Vegas: 12 hotels and casinos—nor in many more elsewhere, neither ...
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Cloud Threats Rise: Who’s Attacking and How They Get In

Knowing who the threat actors are, how they are getting into your cloud environment and where your vulnerabilities are is a starting point to improving cloud security ...
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A man has fallen asleep on top of his books and papers

‘BLASTPASS’ iPhone Exploit — Apple Asleep at the Switch

Zero click, zero day, zero clue: Yet another iOS zero-day lets NSO’s Pegasus “mercenary spyware” cause chaos ...
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Tines Orca Security Cisco cybersecurity critical defense end-of-life-system cyberinsurers hygiene posture SASE How the Cybersecurity Industry Changed in 2020

Orca Security Adds Generative AI Asset Search Tool

Orca Security's generative AI tool lets cybersecurity teams discover what assets are running in their cloud computing environments ...
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