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How Hackers Are Exploiting COVID-19 and What Organizations Can Do About It

Now that many people are working from home due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), businesses are facing unprecedented cybersecurity challenges. Unfortunately, among many challenges, hackers are poised to capitalize on the crisis by attacking with viruses of their own. Thousands of COVID-19-related websites are being launched by cyber criminals. Tragically, COVID-19-themed domain..

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Comparison of WebEx Security Versus Zoom Shady Practices

Recently I pointed out in a blog post that the Zoom CEO was the VP of Engineering at Cisco who left to start a direct competitor because, according to him, he was unhappy about the speed he could operate at. Being secure, to be frank, is about management practices much more than being devoid of … Continue reading Comparison of WebEx Security Versus Zoom Shady Practices..

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