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Questionable Signal Interception Use (Stingray) & Hardware Search Leads Magistrate To Chastise FBI

via the inimitable Cyrus Farivar, writing at Ars Technica, details the recent criticsim of Federal Bureau of Investigation's behavior in inmproper device search (in this case a mobilephone) and a apparently non-standardized practice of signal interception via a Singray devices. Certainly today's MustRead, especially in the event you may be interested in search, seizure and signal interception law..

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Recovering data from an old encrypted Time Machine backup

Recovering data from a backup should be an easy thing to do. At least this is what you expect. Yesterday I had a problem which should have been easy to solve, but it was not. I hope this blog post can help others who face the same problem.The problem1. I had an encrypted Time Machine backup which was not used for months2. This backup was not on an official Apple Time Capsule or on a USB HDD, but..

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Cisco Issues Patches for 4 Critical Vulnerabilities in Cisco Policy Suite

Cisco’s Policy Suite for Mobile controls billing and access control for customer devices. Root access to this suite is concerning because of the breadth of user device access. The latest batch of Cisco patches includes fixes for four critical vulnerabilities related to unauthenticated access and default credentials in the Cisco Policy Suite for the Cisco Mobility Services Engine. All four..

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