Managing Your Clients' Networks with a Cloud Domain Controller

Managing Your Clients’ Networks with a Cloud Domain Controller

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A major part of a managed service provider’s (MSP) role is to run and manage their clients’ networks. As a result, MSPs must make a very important decision: what are the best tools to use in order to operate and manage client networks? A key part of that decision is ... Read More
System Management from the Cloud MSPs (pic of cars)

Cloud Device Management for MSPs

A core part of what managed service providers (MSPs) do is manage devices. After all, it’s one of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks for organizations with perhaps the highest impact. A compromised endpoint can lead to a lot of bad outcomes. The challenge for MSPs is that, without the ... Read More
What is an MFA Enrollment Period?

What is an MFA Enrollment Period?

Multi-factor authentication, MFA, 2FA, TOTP sign in, or whatever you wish to call it, is taking a hold on the IT security marketplace. It’s for good reason, too; adding another time-sensitive layer to the login process reduces the chances of identity compromise by 80% (Symantec). While there’s no doubt that ... Read More

December Newsletter: FDE / RADIUS IP Change / VLAN Attributes

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The post December Newsletter: FDE / RADIUS IP Change / VLAN Attributes appeared first on JumpCloud ... Read More
Why you should require FDE

Why You Need to Stop Everything and Require Full Disk Encryption (FDE)

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If your company values data security, then you’ve probably considered the best way to require Full Disk Encryption (FDE) on all those Macs® and Windows® systems that you hand out to new employees. But here’s the hard truth: if you’re not currently mandating that all Windows and Mac users to ... Read More
Open Source Endpoint Management

Open Source Endpoint Management

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Managing a user’s system, be it a desktop or laptop, has become more critical than ever. The system is the conduit to everything that a user needs from an IT perspective. In fact, a compromised machine can be a death knell for an organization. But, we also know IT admins ... Read More
cloud directory

What is a Cloud Directory?

As cloud adoption in IT continues to rise, vendors are introducing cloud directory offerings to the space. Some of these, however, aren’t exactly what you’d expect. This head scratching has led IT admins to wonder what is a cloud directory and how it is different from the on-prem identity provider ... Read More
PowerShell JumpCloud (picture of shells)

JumpCloud® and PowerShell

As IT admins worldwide implement JumpCloud®’s Directory-as-a-Service® platform, many are wondering about the ways that they can configure, automate, and manage the platform. Of course, IT admins can leverage the SaaS cloud directory service’s web console and APIs, but for those that are interested in automating via PowerShell, there is ... Read More
VLAN steering with JumpCloud

What is VLAN Steering?

As IT admins increase their sophistication of network management, controlling who has access to what parts of the network has become a point of focus. One area in particular where IT organizations can step-up their user access security is through virtual local area network (VLAN) steering. In this blog post, ... Read More
Client Access Licenses

What are CALs?

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One of the largest factors in any business decision is cost. It’s imperative that a solution not only solves a problem, but does so within budget. This fact holds true no matter the size of a business. For IT solutions, licensing costs, such as Microsoft CALs, factor heavily in many ... Read More