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Surviving Your Latest Promotion with Tripwire

Today’s cybersecurity teams are constantly evolving and changing. As a partner with our customers in providing foundational controls, we have a front row seat to the evolution. Most organizations experience attrition, and it can be challenging. But it can also create opportunities for promotion and more responsibility. In many situations, ... Read More

Taking Stock of Your Security Needs and Wants for 2018

As we get closer to the holiday season, we find ourselves considering the distinction between want and need in our everyday lives. It brings to light decisions that budget owners need to make through-out the year. How do I get more value from my FIM or SCM program? What new ... Read More

What Are the Benefits of Using Managed Security Services?

Today’s cybersecurity executives have a lot of choices in how they wish to purchase and consume products and services. The traditional approach of a large up-front capex investment in perpetual licenses works for some organizations, but many are looking towards managed services to reduce their up-front costs and move the ... Read More

ExpertOps: More Security with Less Time

When you work for the office of your organization’s chief information security officer (CISO), time is not your friend. In 2015, the average time from compromise to discovery of a security incident was 146 days. That figure dropped to 99 days in 2016. Even so, the pressure is still on ... Read More