Cyber Monday – The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year?

Do you remember when Cyber Monday wasn't a thing? In late November 2005, The New York Times reported: "The name Cyber Monday grew out of the observation that millions of otherwise productive working Americans, fresh off a Thanksgiving weekend of ... Read More

Two months of Black Fridays?

Black Friday began in the U.S. as a way to funnel Thanksgiving holiday free time into a day of wanton gift shopping. It later spread globally as a retailer promotional blitz to kick off the holiday shopping season. Enter: Black ... Read More

How did your turkey trot to your home this year?

Despite the fact that I only had two guests for Thanksgiving yesterday, I still cooked enough food for 15 people, and all of the ingredients were ordered online and delivered to my front door by a nice delivery person who ... Read More

It’s universal: We all love to exchange gifts. Singles’ Day and Diwali are two more reasons to do so.

There is scientific evidence that humans secrete "feel good" chemicals in their brain, such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, while giving. So it's no wonder that many of us look forward to the holidays. Online mobile shopping trends for Singles' Day and Diwali certainly confirm that. Sadly, cybercriminals also mark ... Read More

Online Shoppers Undeterred by COVID as Holiday Shopping Season Shifts Earlier

Holiday shoppers are overcoming worries and restrictions and easily adapting to new shopping norms as the COVID-19 pandemic has invaded our lives and made us overwhelmingly dependent on online and mobile activity. According to an Akamai-commissioned survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers conducted between October 31 and November 2, ... Read More
Is Black Friday a Thing of the Past? Not for Mobile

Is Black Friday a Thing of the Past? Not for Mobile

I recently ordered a new Weber grill from The Home Depot. When it was delivered, I discovered it was the floor model, and it wasn't the perfect grill I had anticipated. I called the local store, and -- long story short -- my friends at The Home Depot gave me ... Read More

Platform Update Highlights for eCommerce

Akamai's October Platform Update offers a ton of new features for our customers across all industries. But if you're an online retailer, you should really be paying attention to improvements to EdgeWorkers and Image & Video Manager, which provide expanded capabilities for creating new microservices and managing video and image ... Read More
As the 2020 Holiday Season Approaches, Optimized Digital Experiences Are Vital for Retailers

As the 2020 Holiday Season Approaches, Optimized Digital Experiences Are Vital for Retailers

The most effective digital retail will happen in step with everyday life. Retailers must invest in tools and infrastructure needed to balance consumer expectations with regulatory responsibilities -- and focus on serving customers ... Read More
We Love Our Customers!

We Love Our Customers!

| | Akamai Edge, Corporate
Here in the States, we often get our dry cleaning returned on hangers that say "We Love Our Customers." I once inadvertently brought one into the office (back in the day), and our team displayed it prominently on a shelf, because it's true. Meeting with customers is the best part ... Read More

Back-to-School Shopping in 2020?

When I was a kid, back-to-school shopping was a really big deal. My mom and I would head out to the local T.J. Maxx and spend hours hunting for bargains on clothes, a backpack, a lunch box, and other "necessary" school supplies. We always hit the Friendly's next door after ... Read More