Evolving the Way Businesses Work in a Post-GDPR World

Evolving the Way Businesses Work in a Post-GDPR World

The EU GDPR represents a shift in how businesses must address data governance, breach preparedness and risk and compliance management ? not just protecting personal data. Take this opportunity to evolve your digital risk management strategy ... Read More
The Dawn of GDPR: What It Means for Organizations

Rallying the Troops for GDPR

The EU GDPR continues to drive organizations to change their processes. No where is this more apparent than in the risk assessment piece. It?s a new risk-based approach ... Read More
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Yanny or Laurel? Integrated Risk Management or GRC?

The debate rages on ? Yanny or Laurel? Which do you hear? This isn?t the only dispute blistering across media. While not featured on Ellen or The Today Show, risk management has its own version of Yanny and Laurel ... Read More

Technology for GDPR Compliance: Turning Plans into Action

There?s nothing as important to GDPR compliance as careful strategic planning and following a risk-based approach?except the technology that?s essential to turn plans into action. Here?s a look at the role played by three critical areas of IT working together to help meet the regulation?s many complex requirements ... Read More

Quantifying Financial Risk Exposure to Cyber Attacks

CISOs are being challenged to put security risk into business terms for many purposes, including investment rationalization and cyber insurance ... Read More

The RSA Archer Business Risk Management Reference Architecture

The RSA® Archer® Business Risk Management Reference Architecture is a high-level visual representation of the framework needed within an organization to understand and manage risk and compliance obligations across the enterprise ... Read More

Reflections on Risk Management from RSA Charge 2017

RSA Charge ? the premier RSA customer event ? gives us a broad perspective across today?s risk, security and compliance programs. I share some random thoughts from a week of immersion into this broad and deep pool of amazing, talented professionals ... Read More