How to Offer Your Clients Website Security (It’s Easy) #NCSAM #BECYBERSMART #DOYOURPART

Opening the Conversation about Website Security

The responsibility of ensuring that a website is protected falls on the website owner, but the security expectation may fall on the web service provider too. As a professional, you are the trusted party and first point of contact. Much of what your clients learn about web technology and security ... Read More
Website Security for Agencies, Web Designers & Developers

Sucuri Can Help Secure Your Client Websites

At Sucuri, we understand that most web professionals and web agencies ultimately need to make their clients part of the decision-making process for choosing to secure their sites. Overall, website security sounds like a good thing, but how do you position the value of Sucuri’s website security to clients who ... Read More
What is a DDoS Attack & How to Stop It

How to Know If You Are under DDoS Attack

Nowadays, DDoS is a pretty recognizable term. Though many webmasters don’t know exactly what a DDoS attack is—its method is very subtle to identify—they’re pretty sure it’s a bad thing. And that’s a correct assumption. In this article, we will focus on how to know if your website is under ... Read More

Malware vs Virus: What’s the Difference?

There appears to be a general misunderstanding among internet users about the difference between malware and viruses. The two terms are often used interchangeably and to an extent, this is perfectly fine. This article seeks to clarify the difference between them while helping to identify other common types of malware ... Read More