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Staying Relevant in a Technology World! – Editorial

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” –Stewart Brand This is one of those podcasts which isn’t the offspring of late night research, countless hours of trial and error tempered by seminars, articles and other people podcasts. This ... Read More
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Hacking Hackers and their Hacks (2018)

Hacking! Is it cast aside teenage wunderkinds who can seemingly dissect all things computer with the crack of a laptop to create designer chaos? They are portrayed smoking cigarettes, roller blading and always have media savvy branding! Too cool! Any time a major breach is announced, the media conjures up ... Read More
Machine Learning (are you smarter than a toaster?)

Machine Learning (are you smarter than a toaster?)

at the moment… maybe. Machine Learning I’ve heard the phrase Machine Learning banging around the media more intensely over the past few years and you know what that means… I’m not happy until I know what is really means. My first conjured image is of course a lawn mower in ... Read More
Social Media versus Data Privacy (& GDPR)

Social Media versus Data Privacy (& GDPR)

 I was a late adopter waiting until about 2007 before getting onto Facebook. Back in the 2000s I remember my brother calling Facebook a platform for narcissists. Just over 10 years later and 2.3 Billion narcissists later he and I are both active participants. I don’t think he was ... Read More
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Self-Driving Cars (We Are The Robots)

Robots will rule us all. I feel that’s already been established by more sci-fi writers than can be credited in one podcast. You may have recently seen that an Uber self-driving car killed a pedestrian in a headline grabbing frenzy that re-awakened the humanity in all of us. Questions like ... Read More