Better Together: Partnering with Okta

Better Together: Partnering with Okta

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Every day, nearly 10 million valid credentials fall into the hands of criminals, fueling massive amounts of fraud. Shape’s new partnership with Okta aims to eliminate this fraud by providing Okta customers an invisible layer of defense against bots, credential stuffing attacks, and account takeover attempts. By implementing both solutions, ... Read More

Shape Honored As Fastest Growing Company in Silicon Valley by Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500

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Today Shape was recognized as the fastest-growing company in Silicon Valley and the third-fastest growing company in the U.S. by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America. Rankings are based on a company’s revenue ... Read More

Look, Ma, No Passwords: How & Why Blackfish uses Bloom Filters

When NIST issued guidelines in 2017 advising organizations to check new users’ credentials against a password “breach corpus,” one of the first questions was how to ensure the breach corpus itself didn’t get compromised. Shape’s game-changing product, Blackfish, solved that problem by designing a patented approach to credential storage involving ... Read More

How Much Does Credential Stuffing Cost Your Business?

Eight years ago, there wasn’t even a term for the practice of testing consumers’ stolen credentials against multiple e-commerce sites to see if they’ll enable account takeovers (ATOs) and other forms of fraud. Now, the US consumer banking industry alone faces nearly $50 million per day in potential losses due ... Read More

Key Findings from the 2018 Credential Spill Report

In 2016 we saw the world come to grips with the fact that data breaches are almost a matter of when, not if, as some of the world’s largest companies announced spills of incredible magnitude. In 2017 and 2018, we started to see regulatory agencies make it clear that companies ... Read More
Starbucks: Why traditional security methods don't work for ATO

How Starbucks Combats Account Takeover (ATO)

Account Takeovers (ATOs) and credential stuffing represent a huge threat to the retail industry. In fact, they pose major problems for any vertical in which customers tend to reuse passwords for multiple accounts. Password reuse makes compromised credentials even more valuable to cyber criminals. Starbucks recognized this threat more than ... Read More
How Starbucks combats Account Takeover (ATO)

How Cybercriminals Monetize E-Commerce Fraud

E-commerce fraud has grown to the point where it’s a now a bigger drain on retail profits than shoplifting or inventory shrinkage. Based on the information we’ve gathered defending many of the largest retailers, banks and airlines in the world against cyber crime, there are three attack modes that carry ... Read More

World Password Day keeps coming and going, but password reuse sticks around

Password reuse allows fraudsters to use credentials stolen on one website to take over accounts on other sites. It’s World Password Day again, the day created to herald the guardians of our corporate secrets, personal correspondence, medical information, purchasing information and, of course, our money. The scary fact is this: ... Read More

Key Takeaways: Using a Blacklist of Stolen Passwords [Webinar]

More than 90 billion passwords are being used across the web today, and it’s expected to be nearer 300 billion by 2020. With that in mind, the topics of password best practices and the threats around stolen credentials, remain top challenges for many global organizations. Security Boulevard recently hosted a ... Read More

Key Takeaways: Retail Threat Briefing Webinar with R-CISC

In the era of Amazon and mainstream e-commerce, every online retailer has to deliver a compelling user experience across their web and mobile channels while protecting customers from cyberattacks and fraud. Recently, Shape collaborated with R-CISC to share attack data and analysis of the most prevalent threats for retailers and ... Read More