Is It Worth It to Defend Your Service from Video Piracy?

Is It Worth It to Defend Your Service from Video Piracy?

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The answer isn't obvious. From headcount to vendor spend, combating video piracy is expensive. And piracy has been a part of the entertainment industry since the silent movie era. It's not crazy to say, "Maybe it's just a cost of doing show business." ... Read More
Making the Edge Come Alive

Making the Edge Come Alive

In April 2019, Netflix viewers streamed 164 million hours of on-demand content per day. Fast forward a year. In April 2020, Twitch streamed 55 million hours per day. The vast majority of that was live ... Read More
Who wins in a format war?

#OTTuesday: Who Wins in a Format War – A Chat with

If you asked anyone 10 years ago who the winner would be in the over online video formats, you would have heard some strong opinions -- and some incorrect predictions. Video standards and formats will continue to change as long ... Read More
Finding Common Approaches to OTT's Challenges

#OTTuesday: The Current State of Linear Broadcast and OTT

Over the last two years, we've seen a surge in OTT offerings as viewers insist on watching what they want, when they want, on any device, anywhere. Major content creators like Netflix and Amazon have made significant strides to push ... Read More
AI in Media: Just how smart is it?

#OTTuesday: AI Destined for Big Role in Entertainment

After years of hype, AI is finally making headway in industries like manufacturing, medicine and transportation -- and it's beginning to play a supporting role in media & entertainment. AkamaiTV's Paul Jackson chatted with Peter Chave, Principal Architect here at ... Read More
Five Technologies Shaping the Future of OTT

#OTTuesday: Five Technologies Shaping the Future of OTT

The world of OTT is changing radically with new innovations, from player technologies to standards convergence, propelling the industry forward. As 2018 comes to a close, AkamaiTV sat down with DASH legend and Akamai's very own Will Law to get ... Read More
Audience Data, Advertising, and Analytics: iTV on OTT

#OTTuesday: iTV on Live Streaming the World Cup

Imagine you're iTV. One of the UK's biggest commercial broadcasters. You have the rights for the World Cup and England has made the semi-finals. The whole country is watching. How do you make sure you're meeting the gold standard of ... Read More
How to Secure the Bank of OTT

#OTTuesday: How to Secure the Bank of OTT

What does the concept of Herd Immunity have to do with OTT? To find out, I spoke with security expert Jay Coley for this AkamaiTV interview at IBC. Jay explained the biology - and the power - of cooperation in ... Read More