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Proposed Texas Bill Would Regulate Vendor Contracts

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A bill in the pipeline of the Texas state legislature is intended to make vendor contracts with the government more streamlined, secure, and accountable. This push by lawmakers to address data and privacy security is the result of government agencies across the country being targeted. One of the most notable ... Read More

VPNs and desktop sharing slow you down and put you at risk

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When you think about providing remote access to your network, VPNs and desktop sharing are the two most frequently used methods. VPNs are great for allowing access to local resources, but they present challenges for access for third-party vendors. Similarly, desktop sharing tools like WebEx and GoToMyPC provide remote access ... Read More

Employee Remote Access Threats vs. Vendor Access Threats

The last decade saw a dramatic increase of enterprise employees leaving the confines of the company building to work remotely. The State of the Remote Job Marketplace report from FlexJobs found 2.9% of the entire United States workforce works from home at least half of the time. This introduces a ... Read More

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

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This year will present new risks and challenges for enterprise organizations. In these early weeks, expanded security protocols are being reviewed and implemented to protect against emerging threats. Because of this, there are some critical areas network managers should be sure to include in those planning sessions. Cybersecurity will continue ... Read More

Top Lessons from 2018 Breaches

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Network security has been tested in increasingly aggressive ways, particularly in the past five years. Bad actors and risky user behavior have brought new challenges and vulnerabilities. With each new year, it’s important to review the incidents and missteps that had the biggest impact. This promotes stronger and more intelligent ... Read More

Starwood breach shows the vulnerability of the hospitality and travel industry

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The hospitality and travel industries have attracted some of the most significant cybercrime incidents in the last few years, and there are several reasons for this. The sector deals with billions of transactions, uses rich customer data, and relies on many layers of third-party vendor technologies. This is a system ... Read More

How to Treat Technology Vendors

The dynamic between an enterprise and their technology providers can be tricky to navigate. It doesn’t quite meet the definition of a traditional buyer and vendor relationship, but it’s also more complex than your industry associations. As a result, you and your technology vendor may be collaborating with very different ... Read More

How vendors can navigate the challenges of remote support

Way back in 2018, we conducted a survey that found that for every technology vendor there are 239 customers who rely on their support. Sure, you’re probably thinking that 2018 happened so long ago that you don’t even remember what was going on before then, right? Well, since that study and ... Read More

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021!

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October is cybersecurity awareness month! But what does this mean for your business? With the number of data breaches continuing to skyrocket, 51% of which were tied to third-party vendors, this month-long initiative is the perfect opportunity for your organization to take a closer look at your own cybersecurity infrastructure ... Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Active Directory in Your Organization

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Active Directory (AD) is so ubiquitous on Windows networks that many organizations have not invested time optimizing the tool. However, this consideration is critical. Your AD configuration has significant process and network security implications, so it’s important that you prioritize a review of how you’re currently managing the service. Here ... Read More