Proxy a Conda Repository Using Nexus Repo

Proxy a Conda Repository Using Nexus Repo

We’ve supported Python developers for a number of years now. With the most recent Nexus Repository release, we are extending our reach with the official coverage of Conda in Nexus Repository Manager. Our teams have been listening to the Python community, customers, and all developers using Nexus. We are excited ... Read More
ubuntu into Nexus Repo

Nexus Repository Now Supports APT

Beginning with version 3.17, Nexus Repository Manager supports APT (Advanced Package Tool) repositories. APT is a set of tools used to search, install, and manage packages on Debian, Ubuntu, and similar Linux distributions. With this new release, you can now host your own local APT repos. Developers benefit from no ... Read More

New in Repo – Repository Routing Helps Protect Against Dependency Hijacking Attacks

Nexus Repository Manager 3.17 introduces a new feature that allows organizations to better protect their supply chain dependencies against hijacking attacks. This new feature, known as Repository Routing, allows an administrator of a Nexus Repository Manager instance to apply certain routing rules when making requests to upstream repositories ... Read More