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Free System Management

As the world shifts to cross-platform system environments with macOS® and Linux® systems in addition to Windows® machines, a pressing challenge for IT admins is how to manage this heterogeneous system environment. Looking at the problem through a traditional lens, making all of these different types of devices work in ... Read More
Auth Mac® Systems with Azure® AD

Auth Mac® Systems with Azure® AD

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How do you auth Mac® systems with Azure® AD? The short answer is that you don’t really. Thankfully, there is a next-generation cloud identity provider that is making it easy to use one set of credentials for both Azure® AD and your Mac®. If that sounds like something you want ... Read More
Cloud Resiliency

Cloud Resiliency and Natural Disaster: Hurricanes, Flooding, and the California Wildfires

Natural disasters (particularly hurricanes and wildfires) conjure images of flooded roadways, buildings without power, and homes ablaze against the juxtaposition of night. Depending on the extent of damage, people can either return to work shortly thereafter or engage in lengthy cleanup efforts both physical and digital. In this post, we ... Read More
Active Directory Google

Google Cloud™ Managed Active Directory®

Google Cloud™ recently announced a managed Active Directory® (AD) solution. As a result, many DevOps engineers and IT admins are wondering how they can leverage this new cloud identity offering and what the potential benefits and drawbacks may be. In this post, we will discuss the use cases for Google ... Read More
OneLogin SSO

Free OneLogin™

IT admins may have heard that OneLogin™ has a free plan that their organization could leverage. Well, unfortunately, OneLogin recently discontinued their free plan. As a result, many IT admins are looking for alternative solutions that they can leverage at no cost. OneLogin’s Focus As OneLogin has grown and become ... Read More
Azure AD

Integrating Macs® into Azure® AD

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As Microsoft® pushes IT organizations to Azure®, many are wondering what the impact is for their non-Windows® resources. Obviously, while systems running Windows are widespread, usage of other resources is growing rapidly, and management needs for these resources are growing, too. Azure has a built-in identity management suite called Azure ... Read More
Azure Active Directory macOS

Connect Macs® to Azure® Active Directory®

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Is it possible to connect Macs® to Azure® Active Directory® (Azure AD)? The short answer is, not really. Azure AD is meant to be a user management system for Azure infrastructure, as well as a web application single sign-on (SSO) solution. Apple® is Microsoft’s® direct competitor. So, it’s unlikely that ... Read More
open source sso

Open Source Web Application SSO

Is there an open source web application SSO (single sign-on) solution worth considering? Given the fact that some SSO platforms can cost upwards of $25 per user/per month, it makes sense that IT admins are looking to open source solutions. In short, IT admins would love to find cost-effective, open ... Read More
Serverless System Management

Serverless System Management

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System management used to be a fairly straight-forward aspect for most IT admins. The majority of IT organizations would employ a tool like Microsoft® Active Directory® and leverage its group policy objects (GPOs) functionality to control individual Windows systems or groups of them. If admins had to go deeper, they ... Read More
What are Identity Federation Services? | JumpCloud Video


Many IT organizations are trying to understand the single sign-on (SSO) market and the protocols involved. As a result, the SSO: SAML vs LDAP discussion takes on some significance. While SAML and LDAP are both authentication protocols, they are really quite different in their approach and each are used for ... Read More