Office 365 Email Outages: What’s Your Backup Plan?

Office 365 Email Outages: What’s Your Backup Plan?

Imagine coming into your office on a Monday morning, getting your coffee, firing up the computer…and not getting any email. For some, this might seem like a dream scenario – but only if you didn’t actually have any work to do. When you take real life into account, this would ... Read More

Mailsploit, Perfect Spoofs and Bypassing DMARC

By now, Mailsploit ( has ruffled the feathers of most in the email security community, and may have even made its way to the ears of many IT admins. While the vulnerability mainly affects email clients, these exploits can effectively bypass DMARC, serving as a thumb-in-the-eye for most email security ... Read More

The Biggest Cyber Attacks of 2017

If 2016 was a watershed year for cyber security, then 2017 is the year where cyber security crossed the Rubicon. Our list of the biggest cyber attacks of 2017 were varies in scope and scale. Phishing attacks continued to evolve, spam email was resurgent, zero-day attacks were weaponized at a ... Read More

Cyber Security Spending: How to Set A Budget

We love getting reader comments. One of our readers recently left the following on a post about setting up a cyber security plan: “What would you say is a good formula for determining budgeting for cybersecurity? Is it only based on costs of getting hacked? I’m with a company, with ... Read More