Retadup Botnet Killed by Cops – 1 Million PCs Saved

Last week, in a little-noticed announcement, French Police disclosed they’d disrupted a large malware command-and-control infrastructure, remotely disinfecting the PCs that connected to the C&C servers ... Read More
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Apple is Bad at Software, says Google

Google’s Project Zero is back, with some worrying criticisms of Apple’s software-engineering chops. The conclusions will surprise you ... Read More
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Apple jailbreak

Apple Scrambles to Nuke Jailbreak, Fails Source Control 101

Apple releases iOS 12.4.1 emergency patch: The issue was its own fault, caused by a source-code regression ... Read More
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MoviePass Spills Card Info and Passwords From Unsecured Database

Movie subscription service MoviePass is in hot water again: It’s emerged that a customer database was unprotected ... Read More
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Texas Ransomware

Texas Does Ransomware Bigger: 23 Local Gov’ts Attacked

Another week, another 23 local governments crippled by ransomware, in what appears to be a coordinated attack ... Read More
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Busted: Kaspersky AV Tracks Your Every Click

Kaspersky Lab’s endpoint security products track your web activity. And it allowed any other website to track you ... Read More
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Screwed Drivers: Windows Third-Party Device Code is Huge Mess

Many Windows drivers permit malware to access anything, subverting controls that separate user space from the kernel ... Read More
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voting machines

US Voting Machines Internet-Connected, Despite Denials

Researchers were horrified to discover 35 ES&S voting machines connected to the internet. As you might have guessed, this is not at all good security practice—and it directly contradicts statements by various election officials and the manufacturer. When is an air gap not an air gap? When it’s only a ... Read More
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WPA3 Dragonblood

Wi-Fi WPA3 Standard Fails Again as New ‘Dragonblood’ Bugs Found

The Wi-Fi Alliance’s WPA3 standard is under fire again, as researchers find more vulnerabilities ... Read More
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Cisco whistleblower

Cisco in Whistleblower Payoff and PR Doublespeak Row

Cisco has settled a lawsuit where government agencies complained a product was badly insecure, and Cisco knew it ... Read More
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