Zoom Spying Vulnerability: The Plot Thickens

Zoom Spying Vulnerability: The Plot Thickens

White-label versions of Zoom come with the same bug as Apple patched last week. Time to patch again ... Read More
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Google recordings

OK Google, Stop Eavesdropping on Me!

Google gives contractors access to your voice. And now, recordings made secretly by Google have leaked. About 15% weren’t even meant for Google ... Read More
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Astaroth-Dropper Trojan Hides in Plain Sight

Malware is getting harder to detect. So says an AV vendor, anyway. But here’s a fascinating case study ... Read More
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facial recognition

Federal Facial Recognition by Stealth – With Zero Oversight

FBI and DHS ICE “misusing” drivers’ license photos to catch crims. Privacy advocates are apoplectic ... Read More
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insulin pump hacks

More Medtronic Hack Malarkey: This Time It’s Insulin Pumps

FDA says certain insulin pumps made by Medtronic are hackable, and there’s no way to fix them ... Read More
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message hack

What if Hawaii Missile Message was a Hack?

Researchers show how easy it is to spoof an emergency alert to 50,000 phones. Imagine the panic in a packed sports arena ... Read More
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telco data theft

Persistent Telco Data Theft: Is China to Blame?

At least ten cell providers compromised, losing data for “hundreds of millions” of customers. Researchers who found the hacks call it Soft Cell ... Read More
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U.S. Cyber hacking Iran C&C

U.S. Cyber Has Hacked Iranian Missile C&C, Say Super-Secret Sources

The U.S. has been hacking Iran. Despite President Trump’s cancellation of a kinetic retaliation, we’re now told of cyber strikes against Persia ... Read More
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Ransomware Riviera Beach Florida

Huge Ransomware FUBAR at Florida Beach Town

The city of Riviera Beach, Florida, has “given in” to ransomware. And it’s the biggest municipal ransom we’ve seen: ₿65—about $600,000 ... Read More
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U.S. Cyber Command

U.S. Cyber Has Hacked Russian Power Grid, Say Super-Secret Sources

The infosec cold war continues to grumble on under the surface. Sources claim the U.S. has implanted malware deep into Russia’s electricity grid ... Read More
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