Saudi Arabia Paid Twitter Staff to Spy on Dissidents, Alleges DoJ

Justice Dept. says ex-employees of Twitter were paid by Saudi Arabia to steal user data. Targets might have included assassinated journalist Jamal Khashoggi ... Read More
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BlueKeep Panic as RCE RDP Exploit Floods the Net

RDP, Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol, is now coming under attack from hackers trying to spread cryptomining malware ... Read More
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Porn-User Face Scans: Australia Thinks of the Children

The Australian govt. has a cunning plan: Protect kids from pornography by taking photos of users’ faces ... Read More
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Best Western’s Massive Data Leak: 179GB Amazon Database Open to All

The latest huge unsecured cloud storage find is Best Western’s Autoclerk: “Hundreds of thousands” of hotel guest records leaked ... Read More
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NordVPN Breached for a Year; Firm Waits 7 More Months to Disclose

A NordVPN server was 'accessed' in March 2018. It took a year to spot the compromise. And we're only hearing about it now? ... Read More
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Samsung Fingerprint Bug: Worse Than We Thought

Samsung phones with in-screen fingerprint readers will unlock using anybody’s finger. All you need do is add a screen protector ... Read More
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Sudo Read This Warning About LPE Bug in Sudo

Sudo Read This Warning About LPE Bug in Sudo

The Sudo command can give you root access when it shouldn't. Sky falling? ... Read More
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iTunes for Windows Zero-Day Exploited for Ransomware

Apple iTunes included a really dumb bug, which ransomware gangs have been using to attack victims’ Windows PCs ... Read More
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Android Zero-Day Panic as Ancient Linux Flaw Forgotten

A bunch of fairly recent Android phones suffer from a nasty zero-day vulnerability. The flaw is currently being exploited, but by whom? ... Read More
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Encryption Ban: U.S., UK, Australia Try to Change How Math Works (Again)

Governments are yet again attacking end-to-end encryption. As if passing new laws somehow stops criminals breaking existing ones ... Read More
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