Samsung Fingerprint Bug: Worse Than We Thought

Samsung phones with in-screen fingerprint readers will unlock using anybody’s finger. All you need do is add a screen protector ... Read More
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Sudo Read This Warning About LPE Bug in Sudo

Sudo Read This Warning About LPE Bug in Sudo

The Sudo command can give you root access when it shouldn't. Sky falling? ... Read More
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iTunes for Windows Zero-Day Exploited for Ransomware

Apple iTunes included a really dumb bug, which ransomware gangs have been using to attack victims’ Windows PCs ... Read More
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Android Zero-Day Panic as Ancient Linux Flaw Forgotten

A bunch of fairly recent Android phones suffer from a nasty zero-day vulnerability. The flaw is currently being exploited, but by whom? ... Read More
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Encryption Ban: U.S., UK, Australia Try to Change How Math Works (Again)

Governments are yet again attacking end-to-end encryption. As if passing new laws somehow stops criminals breaking existing ones ... Read More
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voting machines

Voting Machines: Still Stupidly Insecure, say Defcon Hackers

At DEF CON 27, researchers staged their third annual hackathon of voting machines. The final report makes uncomfortable reading ... Read More
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5M Users’ DoorDash Data Dupe’d by Dastardly Deeds

Another day, another data leak: Gig-economy unicorn DoorDash is the latest security-fail org to admit it’s lost your personal info ... Read More
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Crown Sterling

No, RSA Hasn’t Been Cracked. But Crown Sterling Is Very Confused

A recent demo by a new cryptography firm raises eyebrows: Amazingly, they claim to have broken the 256-bit encryption that protects just about everything ... Read More
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Russian spyware

Russian SORM/СОРМ ISP Spyware Revealed (by Nokia Grunt)

Russia’s infrastructure for spying on its citizens has been revealed this week. An errant Nokia employee put terabytes of secret data on the internet by mistake ... Read More
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Russia spies

Russia ‘Breached’ FBI Comms; Obama Waited 4 Years To Expel Spies

Back in 2016, President Obama expelled 35 Russians, and seized two Russian-owned properties. We were told it was retaliation for election interference—but was that the whole story? ... Read More
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