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Do I need Active Directory® if I have Office 365® (O365)?

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Every day, we hear this question from companies: “We are shifting our business to the cloud and leveraging Microsoft® Office 365™, do I need Active Directory® if I have Office 365?” Let’s cut right to the chase. No! You don’t need to continue to leverage Active Directory as you make ... Read More
G Suite™ Integration | JumpCloud Tutorial

Windows® Authentication Using G Suite™ Identities

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Connecting your Microsoft® Windows® machines to G Suite™ identities is a great vision. In fact, the ability to connect G Suite Identities to all of your IT resources would be wonderful. As a result of this pairing, it would centralize your users’ credentials and give you more control over all ... Read More
AWS Directory Service vs. Azure Active Directory

Azure® AD vs AWS® Directory Service

Directory services in the cloud are a hot topic these days. The two major Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers—Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) and Microsoft® Azure®—have realized they they must provide the functionality that IT admins need to manage users, specifically within their IaaS platforms. With this in mind, both providers have taken ... Read More
The Foundation of IT The Identity Provider

The Foundation of IT: The Identity Provider

We often hear the phrase, “Work on what is important, not necessarily urgent.” IT organizations know this axiom all too well. In a business that is highly interruption driven and reactive, IT admins are craving a better way to control their work lives and the infrastructures that they manage. Unfortunately, ... Read More
Increasing Security through Next Generation IAM

Increasing Security through Next Generation IAM

Compromised identities are the number one way that hackers are gaining entry to IT networks. It is the easiest, most direct way that a bad actor can access confidential digital data. Unfortunately, it is happening far too frequently today – often times with terrifying consequences in terms of dollars and ... Read More
enabling compliance through cloud identity management

Enabling Compliance through Cloud Identity Management

There might not be a more important activity in an IT organization than compliance. Today’s business climate is rapidly shifting to value security and privacy for individuals and businesses. IT organizations need not look further than new regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Even technology titans such as ... Read More
The Business Case for the Cloud Directory

The Business Case for the Cloud Directory

IT is more critical to an overall organization than ever before. What used to be seen as just a major drain on costs, is now increasingly being viewed as a strategic asset. Modern organizations are leveraging IT to create a competitive advantage with better information systems, data, and tools. However, ... Read More
Leveraging Identity Management for Modern IT

Leveraging Identity Management for Modern IT

IT organizations are busy. They’ve always been busy, but most IT admins would attest that the current environment is a different kind of busy. The challenge for IT organizations today is that there are more responsibilities coming at them than ever before. From HR requests, obsolescence, budgets, remote workers, and ... Read More
SaaS 1000

JumpCloud Ranked #15 on SaaS 1000 for Q1 2018!

The SaaS 1000 list ranks the fastest growing Software-as-a-Service companies based on employee growth. Founded by Tom Blue, SaaS 1000 uses an algorithm to estimate employee growth and rank the... The post JumpCloud Ranked #15 on SaaS 1000 for Q1 2018! appeared first on JumpCloud ... Read More