How to Audit & Cleanup WordPress Plugins & Themes

In an interview with Smashing Magazine our CoFounder (now Head of Security Products at GoDaddy) Tony Perez was asked the following question. What Makes WordPress Vulnerable? “Here’s the simple answer. Old versions of WordPress, along with theme and plugin vulnerabilities, multiplied by the CMS’ popularity, with the end user thrown ... Read More
What does a DoS Attack look like? - Sucuri Website Security

The Largest DDoS Attacks & What You Can Learn From Them

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is an attack that focuses on making the website unavailable to its legitimate users. DDoS attacks can produce service interruptions, introduce large response delays, and cause various business losses. Denial-of-Service Attacks result in two ways —they either flood services or crash services. Attackers execute ... Read More

What Hackers Do After Gaining Access to a Website

A hack or cyber attack is the act of maliciously entering, taking control over, or manipulating by force a web application, server, or file that belongs to someone else. Cyber attacks will: modify files, retrieve information, insert commands or scripts, change the way your website and Google Search Results look ... Read More
How to Perform a Website Security Audit ( with Checklist)

How to Perform a Website Security Audit ( with Checklist)

Why Should You Audit Your Website for Security? Most hacks and cyber attacks happen because of poor security practices. The first step you can take to improve your online security is knowing exactly what’s installed on your website. Having a checklist can help you stay on top of website security ... Read More

The Cost of a Hacked Website – Survey

As part of our commitment to the website security community, we want to know the true impacts of a website compromise from the owner’s perspective. If you are a business that has dealt with any type of website attack, your participation in this six-minute survey will help us improve our ... Read More

Why Do Hackers Hack? – 3 Reasons Explained

When considering why hackers are attacking websites, you might think that there’s a specific reason they target you as a website owner—your business, your reputation, or your information. But the truth is, hacks don’t often singled out someone. Most of the time, hackers spot a website vulnerability. This is what ... Read More