Providing the Visibility Business Resiliency Teams Rely On

With the right information, at the right time, at the right level, business resiliency teams can do a better job of planning for a crisis or managing in the midst of one. Without the latest information?or, worse, with no information?they may not be able to do their jobs at all ... Read More

All Together Now: Aligning Your Business Resiliency Teams

When you?re confident your organization?s operations will be able to quickly, reliably and fully recover after an interruption, that?s business resiliency. Now, more than ever, it depends on close communication and collaboration across a variety of business and IT teams ... Read More

Process Improvement Models and Business Resiliency

To build resiliency into the very fabric of an organization, planning and testing alone aren?t enough. You need constant process improvement to create an organization that?s truly resilient from top to bottom to whatever disruption you find yourself up against ... Read More

Using Business Impact Analysis Results To Build Resiliency

Before you building resiliency into your organization, you need to know where resiliency matters most ? strategically and practically. The business impact analysis (BIA) can help identify the most critical business activities ? and their supports ? to prioritize for resiliency ... Read More

Weaving Resiliency Into The Fabric Of Your Organization

While it?s critical to get back to business as soon as possible after a disaster knocks your organization out of commission, it?s even better to be resilient enough to resist being knocked out in the first place ... Read More