Why Detection Rate is the Incorrect Metric

Detection rate is the first metric that comes to mind when discussing cybersecurity effectiveness. Everyone wants a higher detection rate – we’re naturally inclined to view a product that detects 99.7% of threats as superior to one that detects 99.5% of threats. Consequently, vendors place heavy emphasis on this metric ... Read More

The Top Emerging Cloud Based Security Threats

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Cloud computing is the new normal, and cloud spending continues to grow, making it the top investment area for enterprises in 2019. Even highly regulated banks and financial institutions are moving into the cloud or hybrid environments, lured by the scalability and agility payoffs ... Read More

Top Cloud & cyber security Influencers You should be following

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The pace of discovery and innovation speeding through cloud computing is staggering. Knowing the right cloud experts to follow is crucial to staying current on the latest developments. We’ve done the legwork for you by sharing our list of top cloud and devoted cyber security influencers; these are the people ... Read More

Cloud Security: How To Solve The Full-Stack Visibility Puzzle

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You’d think that by now security for the cloud would be a non-issue. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The very thing that makes the cloud so attractive is precisely what makes cloud environments so challenging to secure. The ease of adoption and rapid deployment have left the traditional enterprise ... Read More

[Press Release] Orca Security Lands $6.5M Seed Round to Deliver IT Security Teams Unprecedented Full Stack Cloud Visibility, Securing High-Velocity Cloud Growth

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Co-founded by former Check Point chief technologist, director of cybersecurity gateway products and a group of seasoned security architects Solution delivers full stack IaaS and PaaS cloud security visibility Patent-pending SideScanning™ technology deploys instantaneously without the impact and complexity of per asset agents TEL AVIV, JUNE 12, 2019 – Israeli ... Read More