3 Key Challenges To Being PCI 3.2 Compliant and How To Resolve Them

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The latest revision to PCI DSS, PCI 3.2, provides specific security guidance on the handling, processing, transmitting and storing of credit card data. PCI 3.2 presents an opportunity for retail, healthcare, finance and hospitality organizations to minimize the theft, exposure and leakage of their customer’s personal and financial credit information ... Read More

Ransomware – A Reminder for Healthcare Providers to Lock Down Their Environments

Ransomware attacks against healthcare providers aren’t new. In 2017, two crypto-malware infections affecting medical organizations made The State of Security’s top list of ransomware attacks for the year. The first involved an unknown strain that targeted Arkansas Oral & Facial Surgery Center, an incident which affected X-ray images, documents, and ... Read More

The Need for Increased Investment in Medical Device Security

The FBI in 2014 warned that healthcare systems, including medical devices, were at an increased risk of cyber-attacks due to the unfortunate coupling of poor cybersecurity practices in the healthcare industry with patient health information (PHI) that commands high value on the dark web. This warning has largely been realized ... Read More
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