VLAN Tagging VLAN Segmentation

What is VLAN Tagging?

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The best IT admins are always looking for ways to step-up their network security. One of the most impactful measures is to segment your network and control traffic via VLAN (virtual local area network) tagging. But if you’ve never segmented a network before and you don’t know what VLAN tagging ... Read More
IT security

Ten Quotes to Get Your Boss to Take IT Security Seriously

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Every IT professional knows it’s not enough to come up with an effective security strategy – you also have to convince your boss to sign off on it. This can be easier said than done. Sometimes otherwise very intelligent leaders just don’t seem to “get it” when it comes to ... Read More
What is Full Disk Encryption (FDE)? | JumpCloud Video

Remote FileVault® Management

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With the risk of stolen devices and data and the subsequent impact of compromised confidential information, many IT organizations are mandating full disk encryption (FDE) on their systems. It’s easy enough to enable FDE on any Macbook® or iMac® thanks to FileVault®. But no IT admin wants to go around ... Read More
Replace windows server 2008

Replace Windows Server 2008

With the end of life for Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 coming soon, IT admins need to start thinking about how to replace Windows Server 2008. By taking action now, organizations can limit their risk and exposure to the EOL process of Server 2008. When is EOL for Windows Server 2008? ... Read More
Is your IdP future proof?

How to Know if Your Identity Provider is Future-Proof

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Can any IT solution be future-proof? Unpredictable innovation will inevitably disrupt the best laid plans sysadmins, network architects, and directors of IT alike. So there are no guarantees. But you can select an identity provider (IdP) that will be better positioned to adapt to what’s next. If you’re looking for ... Read More
OneLogin Free Plan Alternative

OneLogin Free Plan Alternative

OneLogin recently announced the EOL for their Free Plan. If you’re currently using OneLogin’s SSO platform at no charge, then you will either need to start paying or find an alternative. This article provides a brief overview of OneLogin’s services and suggests an alternative to the OneLogin Free Plan. When ... Read More
Automated Full Disk Encryption

Automated Full Disk Encryption

Sysadmins live and die on the processes they put into place. Manual processes overwhelm IT admins with menial, repetitive tasks. Automated ones free admins to focus on more important initiatives and strategies. When it comes to enforcing full disk encryption (FDE) across an organization, the same rules apply: enforcing FDE ... Read More
How to Improve your Security Posture with Full Disk Encryption

How to Improve your Security Posture with Full Disk Encryption

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Choosing to enforce full disk encryption (FDE) could be one of the smartest decisions an IT organization makes. Below, we’ll explain how to make full disk encryption part of your security policy and how to do it easily with a cloud-based FDE management solution. Why FDE Should Be Mandatory FDE ... Read More
Centralized Full Disk Encryption (pic of mac and windows machine)

Centralized FDE Management for a Distributed, Mixed-OS World

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Full Disk Encryption (FDE) is the ultimate tool for protecting the data on lost and stolen systems, and it’s also a critical component of your overall security and compliance. Whether it’s FileVault for Mac® or BitLocker for Windows®, IT admins can rest at ease when FDE is silently securing the ... Read More
Customer QA: Managing open source from the cloud (pic of empty chair)

Customer Q&A: Managing Linux & FreeNAS File Servers from the Cloud

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Welcome to another entry in our Q&A series with JumpCloud® customers. Brian Kastor is a network engineer who specializes in Linux® and works for AIS, a systems integrator in Chicago. Brian agreed to sit down with us for an interview and discuss how he’s using Directory-as-a-Service® to manage FreeNAS file ... Read More