How Buffer Overflow Attacks Work

How Buffer Overflow Attacks Work

A computer program may be vulnerable to buffer overflow if it handles incoming data incorrectly. Anybody who can provide suitably crafted user input data can cause such a program to crash. Even worse, a vulnerable program may execute arbitrary code provided by an intruder and do something that the author ... Read More
Netsparker Scan Statistics 2018

Netsparker’s Web Security Scan Statistics for 2018

On average, the online edition of the Netsparker web security solution identifies a vulnerability every 4.59 minutes. Since its launch in early 2015 it identified a total of 156,904 security issues. Since the beginning of this year until the fifth of October it detected 87,195 vulnerabilities across 4,469 total websites ... Read More

How Does Netsparker Licensing Work?

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How can I activate my Netsparker installation? You can activate your Netsparker installation using the License Key sent to you when you purchased Netsparker. How many activations can I have with a single Netsparker License Key? You can have the same number of activations as the seats you have purchased ... Read More