The need for speed – Your data unleashed!

The need for speed – Your data unleashed!

I have a fun question for you: Which of these is the faster of the two cars? Take your time, think about it from different perspectives. I’ll wait… And let me give you a hint—it’s a trick question, so double-check your assumptions. If you picked the T-Bucket hot rod on ... Read More
Big Data

All Encryption is Not the Same when Securing Big Data and IoT

Often we have customers who come to us in need of securing a new Big Data or IoT application, but assume from past experience that all encryption works the same way. And this is largely due to how most have thought about data-at-rest encryption, using AES keys to encrypt block-level ... Read More
Another Data Breach

Another Day, Another Data Breach…The Line Between What is Private Data Gets More Blurry!

Another day, another breach. We hope you aren’t getting too numb, cause this is still serious stuff, folks! As I was writing this, a fast food restaurant suffered a large debit and credit card breach. However, it was this recent article about a security breach that exposed data from vehicle ... Read More
freezing credit with format-preserving encryption

How do a credit freeze and format-preserving encryption share a similar best-practice approach to protect your data?

Like many ordinary consumers in recent days, I’ve been asking the same question: How best to defend my identity online, given the news of another “mega-breach” compromising my personal data? On one hand, we can appreciate businesses are using personal details to enable more customized products and services that meet ... Read More
Format-preserving encryption

Format-Preserving Encryption Summer Reading

Hello again, format-preserving encryption enthusiasts and data security fans around the globe! This week we saw an insightful article published into the merits of Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) backed by well-vetted methods in Connect Converge, the magazine for the HPE NonStop community. Here is another good case for adopting proven security, ... Read More